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Molecular communication

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Molecular communications

Molecular communications systems use the presence or absence of a selected type of molecule to digitally encode messages. The molecules are delivered into communications media such as air and water for transmission. The technique also is not subject to the requirement of using antennas that are sized to a specific ratio of the wavelength of the signal. Molecular communication signals can be made biocompatible and require very little energy


Molecular communication Lehrstuhl fr Digitale bertragung Forschung Molecular

Smart disease detection using molecular communication michael barros


Molecular signaling is used by plants and animals, such as the pheromones that insects use for long-range signaling.


Molecular communication World39s first text message via molecular communication sent KurzweilAI

Researchers demonstrated the use of evaporated alcohol molecules to carry messages across several meters of open space and successfully decoded the message on the other side. The presence of molecules encoded to digital 1 and their absence encoded to 0. The hardware cost around $100.

Molecular communication Molecular communication
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