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Mohammed Nazir Bin Lep

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Alternate name  Lillie
ISN  10022
Name  Mohammed Bin

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Detained at  Guantanamo Bay detention camp

Mohammed Nazir Bin Lep (also known as Lillie) is a Malaysian affiliate or member of Jemaah Islamiyah and al-Qaeda, currently in American custody in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. He is one of the 14 detainees who had previously been held at secret locations abroad. In the ODNI biographies of those 14, Bin Lep is described as a lieutenant of Hambali (who is also one of those 14, along with another alleged subordinate of his, Mohamad Farik Amin). He was transferred from clandestine custody in an American black site to the Guantanamo Bay detention camps, in Cuba, on September 6, 2006.


Combatant Status Review Tribunal

The Summary of Evidence memo and the unredacted transcript from his Tribunal were released on April 3, 2007.

The Department of Defense announced on August 9, 2007 that all fourteen of the "high-value detainees" who had been transferred to Guantanamo from the CIA's black sites, had been officially classified as "enemy combatants". Although judges Peter Brownback and Keith J. Allred had ruled two months earlier that only "illegal enemy combatants" could face military commissions, the Department of Defense waived the qualifier and said that all fourteen men could now face charges before Guantanamo military commissions.

Scholars at the Brookings Institution, led by Benjamin Wittes, listed the captives still held in Guantanamo in December 2008, according to whether their detention was justified by certain common allegations:

  • Bashir Bin Lap was listed as one of the captives who was a member of the "al Qaeda leadership cadre".
  • Bashir Bin Lap was listed as one of "36 [captives who] openly admit either membership or significant association with Al Qaeda, the Taliban, or some other group the government considers militarily hostile to the United States."
  • Bashir Bin Lap was listed as one of the captives who had admitted "being [an] Al Qaeda operative."
  • Joint Review Task Force

    On January 21, 2009, the day he was inaugurated, United States President Barack Obama issued three Executive orders related to the detention of individuals in Guantanamo. That new review system was composed of officials from six departments, where the OARDEC reviews were conducted entirely by the Department of Defense. When it reported back, a year later, the Joint Review Task Force classified some individuals as too dangerous to be transferred from Guantanamo, even though there was no evidence to justify laying charges against them. On April 9, 2013, that document was made public after a Freedom of Information Act request. Bashir bin Lap was one of the 71 individuals deemed too innocent to charge, but too dangerous to release. Obama said those deemed too innocent to charge, but too dangerous to release would start to receive reviews from a Periodic Review Board.

    Periodic Review Board

    The first review wasn't convened until November 20, 2013. As of 15 April 2016 29 individuals had reviews, but Lillie wasn't one of them.


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