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Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

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Country  United States
Size  20 Personnel
Branch  U.S. Army
Mobile Public Affairs Detachment
Role  Public relations & internal publications

A Mobile public affairs detachment, or MPAD, is a public relations type of unit found in the United States Army.



A mobile public affairs detachment is a modular, task organizable unit that normally augments a corps public affairs section or a press camp headquarters (PCH). In support of a PCH, it provides manpower and equipment to establish and operate a media center at theater army, TAACOM and corps levels. The MPAD is commanded by a major and includes 20 soldiers. These soldiers typically include one first sergeant, three captains, seven broadcast journalists (Military Occupational Specialty 46R), and eight print journalists (MOS 46Q). The journalists range in rank from private (E-2), to sergeant first class (E-7). However, a recent change to the units MTOE allows an MPAD to contain all ranks from (E-5) through (E-8).


MPADs are charged with gathering and distributing media to both internal and external audiences. They may be expected to produce either a newspaper, magazine, or a newscast. MPADs also serve to facilitate civilian media of all nationalities. They ensure the Army's policy of "maximum disclosure, minimum delay" is upheld. This is accomplished with press releases, response to queries, and by aiding media with travel, lodging, meals, and internet or phone connectivity. In addition, both the Army print and broadcast journalists within the MPAD distribute high quality video footage and print stories from their area of deployment to news organizations all over the world. Many of these are then used by these media organizations in their broadcasts and publications. The MPAD also records archival combat footage. Much of this footage is later used in civilian news or documentary programs.

The MPAD units represent an invaluable tool for division, corps or even theater commanders who are able to significantly augment their organic public affairs assets. Although often an independent and separately attached unit, the MPAD often falls within the authority of the division, corps or theater public affairs officer depending on which of these echelons they are attached to while deployed.

Active duty units

There are currently four active duty MPADs. The 22nd MPAD is stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and until recently was the only active duty MPAD. The three newest MPADs were created to assist in the wake of September 11, 2001 and the Global War on Terror. They are the 5th MPAD, stationed in Fort Lewis, Washington, the 7th MPAD, stationed in Fort Hood, Texas, and the 16th MPAD, stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas.

Army Reserve units

There are 16 MPADs in the Army Reserve.


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