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Mobile Bay order of battle

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The order of battle for the Union and Confederate forces at the Battle of Mobile Bay on August 5, 1864.



Commander : Rear Admiral David Farragut

14 wooden ships:

  • USS Brooklyn (screw sloop) — Captain James Alden
  • USS Galena (950-ton ironclad gunboat/screw steamer) — Lieutenant Commander Clark H. Wells
  • USS Hartford (2900-ton screw sloop; Farragut's flagship) — Flag Captain Percival Drayton
  • USS Itasca (gunboat) — Lieutenant Commander George Brown
  • USS Kennebec (gunboat) — Lieutenant Commander William P. McCann
  • USS Lackawanna (1240-ton steam screw sloop-of-war) — Captain John B. Marchand
  • USS Metacomet (1173-ton Sassacus-class "double-ender" steam gunboat) — Lieutenant Commander James Edward Jouett
  • USS Monongahela (screw sloop) — Commander James H. Strong
  • USS Octorara (981-ton "double-ender" side-wheel gunboat) — Lieutenant Commander Charles H. Green
  • USS Oneida (screw sloop) — Commander J. R. Madison Mullaney
  • USS Ossipee (1240-ton steam screw sloop) — Commander William E. Le Roy
  • USS Port Royal (sidewheel steamer gunboat "double-ender") — Lieutenant Commander Bancroft Gherardi
  • USS Richmond (screw sloop) — Captain Thornton A. Jenkins
  • USS Seminole (screw sloop) — Commander Edward Donaldson
  • 4 ironclad monitors:

  • USS Chickasaw (1300-ton Milwaukee-class ironclad river monitor, twin-turrets) — Lieutenant Commander George H. Perkins
  • USS Manhattan (2100-ton Canonicus-class monitor) — Commander James W. Nicholson
  • USS Tecumseh (2100-ton Canonicus-class monitor) — Commander Tunis Craven (sunk by torpedo)
  • USS Winnebago (1300-ton Milwaukee-class ironclad river monitor, twin-turrets) — Commander Thomas H. Stevens, Jr.
  • Army

    Commander : Military Division of West Mississippi — Major-General Edward R. S. Canby (not present)


    Commander: Admiral Franklin Buchanan (captured)

    1 ironclad:

  • CSS Tennessee (1273-ton ironclad ram; Buchanan's flagship) — Captain James D. Johnston (captured)
  • 3 gunboats:

  • CSS Gaines (863-ton side-wheel gunboat) — Lieutenant Commander J. W. Bennett (grounded and abandoned)
  • CSS Morgan (863-ton side-wheel gunboat) — Commander George W. Harrison
  • CSS Selma (320-ton side-wheel gunboat) — Lieutenant Peter U. Murphey (captured)
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