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Moaz al Sibaai

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Ethnicity  Arab
Religion  Islam
Name  Moaz al-Sibaai

Moaz al-Sibaai
Born  1974United Kingdom
Occupation  Chairman of Watan Syria

WATAN Chairman speech Mr. Moaz Al Sibaai in the 6th convention Opening ceremony in 2018

Moaz Al-Sibaai is the founder and chairman of WATAN.



Born in the United Kingdom, Al-Sibaai obtained a master’s degree in Computing from Loughborough University and an Executive MBA from London Metropolitan University.


Al-Sibaai has more than 20 years of experience in IT and has worked for number of international corporations, including: HSBC, JPMorgan, Dell EMC and Royal Bank of Scotland. He is currently a Digital Director at SAP, with a focus on digital government and the digital transformation within the public sector.

Social Activism

While in the UK, Moaz Al-Sibaai was an active member of numerous organisations with a passion for community engagement and inter-faith activities.

Whilst a professional working in the Canary Wharf, Al-Sibaai founded the Canary Wharf MA. Also, in the late nineties he was a founding member of the Syrian Human Rights Committee, an organisation which documented human right abuses in Syria. He was in the Central Working Committee for Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), and a founding member of the MCB’s Business Committee.

Al-Sibaai is the founder of the Syrian Business Club in Riyadh, a group founded in 2006 with the aim of fostering ties within the Syrian community. The Syrian Business Group later became part of WATAN.

At the beginning of the Syrian crisis in 2011, Al-Sibaai founded the Syrian Dream, an advocacy organization for Syria’s peaceful uprising for democracy. Also, he founded Syrian Activist Network (SYAN) with focus a focus on capacity building for the growing civil society advocating for a new Syria. First SYAN conference was held in July 2011 with more than 50 civil society entities as participants. Both were later integrated within WATAN.

Al-Sibaai was a board member of the RGBB (Riyadh Group for British Business).


Al-Sibaai is the founder and current chairman of WATAN. WATAN is an independent, pluralistic and apolitical organization. WATAN invisions a free and dignified society based on tolerance, respect, and social justice. WATAN has reached 5 million beneficiaries, as of July 2017. WATAN was established in 2012, merging several organizations and groups that Moaz had founded since 2006.

WATAN’s mission is to develop a sustainable, healthy and educated community, based on an inclusive society that positively engages, supports and improves the lives of each individual, regardless of their gender, faith or ethnicity. WATAN delivers programs that rebuild lives and maintain community social cohesion by providing transformative programs in relief, post-conflict-peace-building, education, economic empowerment, advocacy and the development of a strong civil society.


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