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Role  US State
Capital  Jefferson City

Name  Mo Mo
Abbreviation  MO
Secretary of State  Jason Kander
Mo uploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommons55aFlago
Rivers  Missouri River, Mississippi River, Current River
Colleges and Universities  University of Missouri
Destinations  St Louis, Kansas City, Branson, Springfield, Hannibal
Points of interest  Silver Dollar City, Gateway Arch, Forest Park, Saint Louis Zoo, Missouri Botanical Garden

Mo or MO may refer to:



  • Mo, Hedmark, a village in Nord-Odal municipality, Hedmark county, Norway
  • Mo, Hordaland, a village in Modalen municipality, Hordaland county, Norway
  • Mo, Møre og Romsdal, a village in Surnadal municipality, Møre og Romsdal county, Norway
  • Mo, Telemark, a former municipality in Telemark county, Norway
  • Mo i Rana, a town in Rana municipality, Nordland county, Norway
  • Mo Church (disambiguation), one of several churches in Norway
  • Language

  • Mo (kana), Romanisation of the Japanese kana も and モ
  • Moldavian language (deprecated ISO 639-1 language code "mo")
  • Religion

  • Mo (religion), an animist religion of the Zhuang people of China
  • Mo (divination), a traditional Tibetan Buddhist technique of divination
  • MOJ Modern Orthodox Judaism, a movement within Orthodox Judaism that attempts to synthesize Jewish values and the observance of Jewish law, with the secular, modern world
  • People

  • Mo (given name)
  • Mo (surname) (莫), Chinese surname
  • Emperor Mo (disambiguation), one of several Chinese emperors
  • Mo (wrestler), one half of the tag team Men on a Mission
  • Books and comics

  • Mo (Oz), a fictional country in the book The Magical Monarch of Mo by L. Frank Baum
  • Mo, also known as Mortimer, a fictional character in the novel Inkheart by Cornelia Funke
  • Mo, a fictional character in the webcomic Jesus and Mo
  • Film and TV

  • "Mo" (魔 demon) The Boxer's Omen, a 1983 Hong Kong film, original title
  • Mo (2010 film), a 2010 television movie about British politician Mo Mowlam
  • Mo (2016 film), a 2016 Tamil horror film
  • Characters

  • Mo Harris, a fictional character in the BBC soap opera EastEnders
  • Little Mo Mitchell, a fictional character in the BBC soap opera EastEnders
  • Mo the clown, a character played by Roy Rene, 20th-century Australian stage comedian
  • M-O (Microbe Obliterator), a fictional robot character in film WALL-E
  • MO (Maintenance Operator), a fictional robot character in the Filmation series Young Sentinels
  • Mo, the main character in the fictional Mo's Mischief series
  • Mo, a girl in the Horrible Histories TV series
  • Mo, an ophthalmosaurus from The Land Before Time film series
  • Music

  • MØ (born 1988), Danish singer songwriter (real name Karen Marie Ørsted)
  • Mo Awards, annual awards for Australian live entertainment
  • Yamaha MO, a music synthesizer
  • Mr. Mo (rapper), rapper, member of the group Jim Crow
  • Mr. Mo (singer), member of the Danish band Kaliber
  • M.O, an English pop trio
  • The MO, a Dutch pop band
  • M.O. (album), a 2013 album by American hip hop artist Nelly
  • Acronyms

  • Modus operandi, Latin meaning Mode of Operation: distinctive behavior patterns of a person
  • Businesses and organizations

  • MO, New York Stock Exchange symbol for Altria Group, formerly Philip Morris
  • Calm Air (IATA airline designator), an airline based in Thompson, Manitoba, Canada
  • MO, Milicja Obywatelska, a state police institution in Poland from 1944–1990
  • Place code MO

  • Macau (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code MO)
  • MO County Mayo, Ireland (vehicle plate code MO)
  • MO Province of Modena, Italy (vehicle plate code MO)
  • MO Missouri, US (postal abbreviation)
  • MO Moscow Oblast, Russia
  • Computing

  • .mo, country code top level domain of Macau
  • Magneto-optical drive (magneto-optical storage), a data storage medium
  • Microsoft Office, an office software suite
  • Mobile (disambiguation), referring to mobile technology or the mobile industry
  • Mode of operation, in encryption block ciphers
  • Motivating operation, a term describing the effectiveness of consequences in operant conditioning
  • Science and technology

  • MO, Manual override, a mechanism wherein control is taken from an automated system and given to the user
  • Metalorganics, also known as organometallics
  • Molecular orbital, a mathematical function describing the wave-like behavior of an electron in a molecule
  • Molybdenum, a chemical element with the symbol Mo
  • Momentary open (MO), switches, a group of switches
  • Other uses

  • Operation Mo, or the Port Moresby Operation, a Japanese plan to take the Australian Territory of New Guinea during World War II
  • MO-class small guard ship, a class of small ships produced before and during World War II for the Soviet Navy
  • Morris Oxford MO, an automobile produced by Morris Motors of the United Kingdom from 1948 to 1954
  • mo. Month (abbreviation mo.), a unit of time, used with calendars, which is approximately as long as a natural period related to the motion of the Moon; month and Moon are cognates
  • References

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