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Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Mixed Group

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First awarded  2000
Instituted  2000
Category of  Mnet Asian Music Awards
Country  South Korea
Last awarded  2009
Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Mixed Group
Awarded for  best mixed group of the year
Official website  Mnet Asian Music Awards
Presented by  CJ E&M Film Division (Mnet)
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Winners & Nominees  8Eight, 8Eight, Winner, Clazziquai, Clazziquai, Nominee, Cool, Cool, Nominee, Koyote, Koyote, Nominee, Roo'ra, Roo'ra, Nominee, ClazziquaiLover Boy, Clazziquai, Winner, Cherry FilterFeel It, Cherry Filter, Nominee, TyphoonOnly You, Typhoon, Nominee, Rumble FishSmile Again (DJ Q Mix ver), Rumble Fish, Nominee, TurtlesIt's Been A Long Time, Turtles, Nominee, Koyote1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Koyote, Winner, JaduLet's Play, Jadu, Nominee, ClazziquaiFill This Night, Clazziquai, Nominee, Rumble FishSmile Again, Rumble Fish, Nominee, CoolSummer, Cool, Nominee, KoyoteDisco King, Koyote, Winner, LoveholicSky, Loveholic, Nominee, JaurimHahaha Song, Jaurim, Nominee, CoolFind A Friend, Cool, Nominee, TurtlesCome On, Turtles, Nominee, KoyoteEmergency, Koyote, Winner, LoveholicLoveholic, Loveholic, Nominee, JaduGimbap, Jadu, Nominee, Cherry FilterFlying Duck, Cherry Filter, Nominee, CoolIf You Were Going To Get Married, Cool, Nominee

The Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Mixed Group was an award presented annually by CJ E&M Pictures (Mnet) from 2000—2009.


It was first awarded on the 2nd Mnet Asian Music Awards ceremony held in 2000; S#arp won the award for their performance in "Great!", and it is given in honor for the mixed group with the most artistic achievement in the music industry. The award continued to be given until the 11th Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2009 wherein 8Eight received the last award for their performance in "Without a Heart".

Winners and nominees

^[I] Each year is linked to the article about the Mnet Asian Music Awards held that year.

Multiple awards for Best Mixed Group

The following lists the artist(s) who received multiple awards for Best Mixed Group from 2000-2009.


Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Mixed Group Wikipedia

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