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Mizuiro 2003

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Directed by  Kiyotaka Isako
Released  25 April 2003
Number of episodes  2
Studio  NekoNeko Soft
First episode date  25 April 2003
Genres  Animation, Romance Film
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Mizuiro 2003 episode 1 pt 2 4

Mizuiro 2003 (みずいろ) is an anime OVA. It is a second, non-hentai adaptation of the game Mizuiro. The story was slightly changed, but it follows the main games plot climaxes, focusing on Hiyori and Yuki scenarios. With this OAV, the omake "Selling Memorial Event" was released, which features the voice actors talking about their characters.


Mizuiro 2003 episode 1 pt 1 4


The protagonist, Kenji, is living with his adopted sister Yuki, who admires her older brother and harbors a slight secret crush on him. One day, after a certain night, a girl—Hiyori, their childhood friend—begin to appear in Kenji's closet. Moreover, her body is transparent, and she has gaps in her memory. As they struggle to figure out the mystery behind Hiyori's state, Kenji begins to realize his forgotten feelings and Yuki suffers with her secret.

Music information

  • Opening theme: "Sora no Tsuzuki" by Hiromi Sato
  • Ending theme: "Yasashisa no Hajimaru Basho" by Hiromi Sato
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