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Miyagino stable

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Miyagino stable

Miyagino stable (宮城野部屋, Miyagino-beya) is a stable of sumo wrestlers, part of the Isegahama ichimon or group of stables. It was founded by the 43rd Yokozuna Yoshibayama as Yoshibayama dōjō while he was still an active wrestler, before changing to its current name in 1960.


In August 2004 former jūryō division wrestler Kanechika took over in controversial circumstances from former maegashira Chikubayama, who had been in charge since 1989. Unusually, the new stablemaster was from a different ichimon (Kanechika belonged to Kitanoumi stable, part of the Dewanoumi ichimon, in his days as an active wrestler). Kanechika was able to take control of the stable because he married one of the daughters of the 9th Miyagino's widow, who owned the toshiyori name which Chikubayama was only borrowing, and was adopted by her as her son. Chikubayama, who had guided future yokozuna Hakuhō to the top division, was able to stay on as a coach in the stable by acquiring the Kumagatani name. However, in December 2010 he regained control of the Miyagino name and stable after ex-Kanechika was disciplined by the Sumo Association for being caught on tape discussing match-fixing. As of August 2012, the stable had nine wrestlers.


  • 2010-present: 12th Miyagino: Chikubayama (iin, former maegashira 13)
  • 2004-2010: 11th Miyagino: Kanechika (former jūryō)
  • 1989-2004: 10th Miyagino: Chikubayama (former maegashira 13)
  • 1977-1989: 9th Miyagino: Hirokawa (former komusubi)
  • 1960-1977: 8th Miyagino: former Yoshibayama (the 43rd yokozuna)
  • Notable active wrestlers

  • Hakuhō (the 69th yokozuna)
  • Ishiura (best rank maegashira)
  • Yamaguchi (best rank maegashira)
  • Coach

  • Takashima Daizō (iin, former sekiwake Kōbōyama)
  • Referee

  • 40th Shikimori Inosuke chief referee, (real name Itsuo Nouchi)
  • Usher

  • Ryūji (makuuchi yobidashi, real name Ryūji Takahashi)
  • Hairdresser

  • Tokohashi (special class tokoyama)
  • Location and access

    Tokyo, Sumida Ward, Yahiro 2-16-10
    10 minute walk from Hikifune Station on Keisei Oshiage Line


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