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Misshitsu no Sacrifice

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Developer(s)  Intense
Publisher  D3 Publisher
Platform  PlayStation Portable
Initial release date  4 February 2010
Mode  Single-player video game
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Genres  Adventure game, Visual novel, Science Fiction
Similar  D3 Publisher games, Adventure games

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Misshitsu no Sacrifice (密室のサクリファイス, Misshitsu no Sakurifaisu) is a Japanese visual novel for the PlayStation Portable and by Intense and D3 Publisher. It was released on February 4, 2010. The game is described as a "trap adventure" (トラップアドベンチャー, Torappu Adobenchā).


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Misshitsu no Sacrifice's has two modes of gameplay. The first mode, like most other visual novels, requires little interaction on the player's part as much of the player's time will be spent on reading the text that appears on the game's screen. These lines of text represents either the inner thoughts of the characters or the conversation the characters are having with one another. After a stage has been completed, the player will be presented with a screen displaying the possible stages that the player can advance to. Stages that have been completed will be highlighted in blue whereas those that have not been played will be in orange. Each row of stages has a character's name attached to it which will determine which character will be the main character. As stages are completed, more stages will become available. The ending of the game will differ based on the stages that have been selected.

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The second mode is more closely connected to adventure games. The player is tasked with the need to investigate different scenes to find clues and items. It is even possible to combine items together to create new items. The player will then try to solve the puzzles in the game using the information and items they have acquired. This additional gameplay mode is rather unusual as a player's interaction with a visual novel is usually isolated to the graphics and audio.


Misshitsu no Sacrifice Misshitsu no Sacrifice

The story of Misshitsu no Sacrifice takes place in an underground facility called "Foundation" (ファウンデーション, Faundēshon). It is not clear why the facility was built and there is no longer anyone above the ground that knows of its existence.


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There are five main characters in Misshitsu no Sacrifice. Miki (ミキ, voiced by: Kei Shindō) is a Japanese girl who is good at sports and was originally aiming to become a high jumper but due to an injury she received during a practice, she has given this up. Asuna (アスナ, voiced by: Eri Kitamura) is a Russian girl who appears before Miki covered in blood. Oruga (オルガ, voiced by: Shizuka Itō) is the daughter of a famous doctor and an honours student. She is familiar with some basics regarding medical treatment. Chloe (クロエ, Kuroe, voiced by: Yukana) is a very intelligent German girl and is skilled at cracking into computer systems. Jitka (イトカ, Itoka, voiced by: Asuka Ōgame) is a Slav who is able to see other people's pasts in her dreams.


A demo containing two stages from the game was released on January 12, 2010.

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Misshitsu no Sacrifice Wikipedia

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