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Miss Universo Brasil

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Formation  1954
Headquarters  São Paulo
Membership  Miss Universe
Type  Beauty pageant
Location  Brazil
Official language  Portuguese
Miss Universo Brasil

The Miss Universo Brasil beauty contest is launched in 1954. The partnership between Rede Bandeirantes and the Miss Universe Organization will be expanded. The Enter from event company Grupo Bandeirantes has signed a contract with Donald Trump and NBCUniversal to give a new impulse to beauty contests in Brazil. The control of 27 regional competitions in the Miss Universe will enter Brazil, which will be responsible for everything from selection of candidates for transmission of the event. The current Miss Universo Brasil is Raissa Santana of Paraná.



Competition to win the crown of "Miss Brasil" began in the 1920s following a trend throughout the world during that period. A famous controversy occurred when Miss Brasil 1929 competed in the International Pageant of Pulchritude, known as "Miss Universe" in the 1930s, but failed to place in the competition, much less win. The angered Brazilians hosted their own international pageant in 1930 leading to two separate "Miss Universe" titles that year, not related to the modern Miss Universe competition created in 1952. In the Brazilian "Miss Universe", Miss Brasil won the title while in the other competition in the US, Miss United States received the crown of Miss Universe 1930. These competitions, like many others in the world, were discontinued as the Great Depression and World War II diverted the world's attention. The modern Miss Brasil pageant was created in 1954 in the city of Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro. The first edition of Miss Brasil, won by Bahia's representative Martha Rocha, was sponsored by the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper.


Some Miss Brasil winners or finalists were acting in a lead or supporting roles in telenovelas and motion pictures after her reigns (nationwide or locally). By example:

  • Natália Guimarães (Minas Gerais, winner, 2007 and 1st. runner up at Miss Universe 2007);
  • Grazi Massafera (Paraná, 2nd runner up, 2004);
  • Marisa Fully Coelho (Minas Gerais, winner, 1983);
  • Suzy Rego (Pernambuco, 1st runner-up, 1984);
  • Vera Fischer (Santa Catarina, winner, 1969).
  • The hostesses

    Some Miss Brasil winners or finalists acted or are still active hosting shows, sports programming or movie sessions aired in national television daily or weekly. They were/are:

  • Brasília's resident and Cuiabá's native Jacqueline Meirelles (Cinema em Casa-SBT, 1988, Mulher 90 – Rede Manchete, 1989 and some works in TV Gazeta in the 1990s and SBT´s A Praça é Nossa late 2000s and early 2010s). She won Miss Universe 1987 best national costume;
  • Rio Grande do Sul's Luize Altenhofen (Band Esporte Clube – Rede Bandeirantes, 2007–present and other works on the same network and also at Sportv basic cable channel) 1st runner-up, 1998, she did not compete at the Miss International of that year held in Tokyo due to illness.
  • São Paulo's Adriana Colin (former host of sports programs in Rede Manchete and Rede Record from 1994 to 1997 and 1999 to 2002,former host of SBT´sFantasia from 1997 to 1998,former commercial host of Globo's Domingão do Faustão, 2002–2009) 1st runner-up, 1989.
  • However, the most famous former Miss Brazil who became TV hostess is Renata Fan, from Rio Grande do Sul, winner of Miss Brazil 1999, but she unplaced Top 10 at Miss Universe from same year. She also won Miss World University 2000. She has also hosted the TV show Canal Aberto at Rede Bandeirantes.
  • Reality TV

    Some Miss Brasil pageant contestants, finalists or winners have appeared in popular reality television programs broadcast nationwide:

  • Paraná's Grazielli Massafera (Big Brother Brasil 5 – Runner-Up, Rede Globo, 2005) was 2nd runner-up at national pageant in earlier years. She represented the country at Miss International 2004, held in Beijing;later she was able to establish a consolidated career as an actress,including getting an 44th International Emmy Awards nomination.
  • São Paulo's Solange Frazão (Celebrity's House 3 – 4th Place, SBT, 2002) was 1st runner-up at the national pageant organized by the network of the program in 1982. Today, she is a very popular TV hostess in her country.
  • Rio Grande do Sul's Joseane Oliveira (Big Brother Brasil 3 – 12th Place, Rede Globo, 2003 and Big Brother Brasil 10 – 16th Place, Rede Globo, 2010) lost her title on February 4 of that year after admitting to her marriage in a popular Sunday TV show, Domingão do Faustão.
  • Pernambuco's Michelle Fernandes (Big Brother Brasil 9 – first evicted of the show in the season, Rede Globo, 2009) was Top 15 in the national pageant previously year.
  • Amazonas's Vívian Amorim (Big Brother Brasil 17 –) was Top 10 in the national pageant in 2012.
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