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Miss Turkey

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Miss Turkey

Miss World Miss Universe Miss Earth Miss International Miss Supranational

Miss Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye Güzelleri) is a national Beauty pageant in Turkey.



Miss Turkey pageant was initially promoted by the newspaper Cumhuriyet. Since 1980, it has been run by the "Miss Turkey Organization".

Between the years 1980–1990, the contest was sponsored by the newspapers Güneş, Sabah, Tercüman, Bulvar, and some others.


With the establishment of private TV channels in Turkey in 1990, the channels Magic Box, Show TV, Channel D, Star TV, NTV, CNBC-e and FOX TV took over the promotion of the pageant.

The title "Miss Turkey" is a registered trademark.

National franchise holders

The main winner of Miss Turkey goes to Miss World. The Miss Turkey Organization also crowns delegates to Miss Universe, Miss International, and Miss Earth beauty pageants.


Miss Turkey represents her country at the Miss World or sometimes Miss Universe pageant.

Turkey but also in our country when disposing of the world's four most important beauty contest "Miss World, if Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth" . <ref=turkey-bigfour/>

Big Four pageants

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Miss Turkey sends representatives to the Big Four, the world's four most important beauty contest. Traditionally, the major titleholders of Miss Turkey represent the country at the Miss World and the runners up goes to Miss Universe, Miss International and the Miss Earth pageants. On occasion, when the titleholder does not qualify (due to age) for all contests, other contestants are sent.

Miss Turkey Earth

The Miss Turkey Organization has acquired the Miss Supranational franchise between 2010 and 2015.

Miss Turkey Other titles

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Miss Turkey Organization holds other title, specifically during the final of Miss Turkey. Below are the list of Miss Turkey Other title winners.

Miss Turkey Supranational

The Miss Turkey Organization has acquired the Miss Supranational franchise since 2013.

Miss Turkey Europe

The Miss Turkey Organization has acquired the Miss Europe franchise since 1980. The Miss Europe beauty pageant has been held 6 times in Istanbul, Turkey. In 1983, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2007-present due to lack financial support the Miss Europe does not exist.

International winners

Note: Not all winners are determined by the current Miss Turkey Organization.

- Miss World

  • 2002: Azra Akın
  • - Miss Top Model of the World

  • 2001: Yeliz Celiskan
  • 2003: Nihan Akkuş
  • - Miss Intercontinental

  • 1999: Mine Erbaykent
  • - Miss Asia Pacific

  • 1979: Ayla Atlas
  • 1984: Melek Gurkan
  • - Miss Europe

  • 1952: Günseli Başar
  • 1971: Filiz Vural
  • 1982: Nazlı Deniz Kuruoğlu
  • 1984: Neşe Erberk
  • 1993: Arzum Onan
  • - Miss Universe

  • 1932: Keriman Halis Ece
  • Unsuccessful attempts to participate

    (DNC) = Did not compete

    (*) The Miss Universe-delegate during the year 2000, Cansu Dere, was forbidden by the Turkish Government to travel to the 2000 Miss Universe pageant, in Cyprus, unless she could pass through Northern Cyprus, which was then forbidden for any visitor to the Republic of Cyprus. The competition committee in Turkey made arrangements for her to travel through Athens, but the day before her departure the government refused to let her go, "for political reasons". This was the second delegate that was not allowed to represent Turkey that year.

    (*) Ahu Agisbas who was crowned Miss Turkey/International 2013 did not compete, due to maximum age recruitment.

    (**) Competition was arranged after the deadline of the Miss Universe pageant, and the competition committee could not send a delegate. The delegate who was supposed to enter the Miss Universe pageant, competed the following year instead.


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