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Miss Mermaid

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Written by  Im Sung-han
Composer(s)  Oh Jin-woo
Final episode date  27 June 2003
Number of seasons  1
Directed by  Lee Joo-hwan
First episode date  24 June 2002
Number of episodes  256
Miss Mermaid Miss Mermaid Korean Drama 2002 HanCinema The
Also known as  'Little Mermaid Mermaid Lady Story of a Mermaid Irene'
Genre  Melodrama Romance Family Revenge
Starring  Jang Seo-hee Kim Sung-taek
Network  Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation
Cast  Jang Seo‑hee, Kim Seong‑Min, Jae Eun Lee, Woo Hee‑jin, Jeong Bo‑seok
Similar  Temptation of Wife, Lotus Flower Fairy, Dear Heaven, Princess Aurora, Couple or Trouble

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Miss Mermaid (Hangul: 인어아가씨; RR: Ineo Agassi) is a South Korean television series starring Jang Seo-hee and Kim Sung-taek. It aired on MBC from June 24, 2002 to June 27, 2003 on Mondays to Fridays at 19:50 for 256 episodes.


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Miss Mermaid became a nationwide hit upon airing, reaching a peak viewership rating of 43.6%. The cast won several trophies at the 2002 MBC Drama Awards, notably the Daesang ("Grand Prize") for Jang Seo-hee. The series led to Jang's pan-Asian popularity, particularly in China.

But Miss Mermaid was also criticized for Im Sung-han's sensationalistic writing and unrealistic plot twists, as well as the show's multiple extensions.

Miss Mermaid was entitled 'Irene' in the Philippines since her role was named as such in the said country, and not Eun Ah Ri Young.

Miss Mermaid Miss Mermaid Korean Drama 2002 HanCinema The


Miss Mermaid YESASIA Customer Reviews Miss Mermaid DVD Vol3 of 4 MBC TV

Eun Ariyoung is a successful television drama screenwriter with a past. Her father Eun Jin-sub had an affair and left their family for the other woman, and shortly after her autistic brother died and her mother Han Kyung-hye went blind. Ariyoung's unrelenting hate for her father throughout her childhood and adolescence drives her to meticulously plan her vengeance. Knowing that Jin-sub's new wife Shim Soo-jung is a popular actress, Ariyoung works her way up the ranks until she earns enough cachet in the TV industry. Then she writes a script that's a thinly veiled autobiography of her father's affair and its aftermath, and casts the unsuspecting Soo-jung in the role of the blind mother to make her feel guilty. To complete her revenge and cause the maximum amount of pain, Ariyoung also plots to steal the fiance of her half-sister Eun Ye-young, the gentle-natured Lee Joo-wang. Helping Ariyoung in her plans is Jo Soo-ah, her mother's friend whose ulterior motive is that she wants Ariyoung to marry her son Ma Ma-joon. But Ariyoung finds herself falling in love with Joo-wang for real, and she eventually realizes that there is more to life than hatred and learns the true meaning of forgiveness.


Miss Mermaid IreneMiss Mermaid Korean OST My Painful Love True Bird YouTube
  • Jang Seo-hee as Eun Ariyoung
  • Kim Sung-taek as Lee Joo-wang
  • Han Hye-sook as Shim Soo-jung
  • Woo Hee-jin as Eun Ye-young
  • Jung Young-sook as Han Kyung-hye
  • Park Geun-hyung as Eun Jin-sub
  • Kim Byung-ki as Lee Sung-soo
  • Sa Mi-ja as Geum Ok-sun
  • Kim Yong-rim as Geum Sil-ra
  • Go Doo-shim as Jo Soo-ah
  • Jeong Bo-seok as Ma Ma-joon
  • Lee Jae-eun as Ma Ma-rin
  • Sa Kang as Jin Kyung
  • Song Min-joo
  • Park Tam-hee
  • Park Si-hyun
  • Choi Jae-ho
  • Choi Seon-ja as Dong-jin's mother
  • Ban Hye-ra
  • Awards

    2002 MBC Drama Awards

  • Daesang (Grand Prize): Jang Seo-hee
  • Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama: Jang Seo-hee
  • Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama: Woo Hee-jin
  • Special Acting Award: Han Hye-sook, Jung Young-sook, Park Geun-hyung
  • Best New Actor: Kim Sung-taek
  • Writer of the Year: Im Sung-han
  • Best Couple Award: Kim Sung-taek and Jang Seo-hee
  • Viewer's Choice, Actress of the Year: Jang Seo-hee
  • Journalists' Choice, Actress of the Year: Jang Seo-hee
  • References

    Miss Mermaid Wikipedia

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