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Misako Uno

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Native name  Uno Misako (宇野実彩子)
Organization  Avex Group
Nationality  Japan
Name  Misako Uno

Occupation  Essayist, artist
Role  Actress
Years active  1994–present
Movies  The Grudge 2
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Born  July 16, 1986 (age 29) (1986-07-16) Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan
Other names  Uno-chan ( 宇野ちゃん) Uno Misako (AAA) UN48 Akane (茜) or Akane Sarasa (茜 さらさ)
Education  Shirayuri Women's University
Albums  Eighth Wonder, Buzz Communication, Heartful, Another side of #AAABEST, AAA Remix: Non‑Stop

Misako Uno (宇野実彩子, Uno Misako, born July 16, 1986) is a Japanese Tarento, artist, actress, essayist and talent agent best known as a female lead vocalist and dancer of the male and female performing arts group AAA. She is also the Middle manager of Avex Group, advertising manager of SHUFU TO SEIKATSU SHA (主婦と生活社) and public fasting Consultant of Japan Enzyme Hydrogen Medical Beauty Society (日本酵素・水素医療美容学会). Her first film was in the 2006 Hollywood horror, The Grudge 2.


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Uno was born into a wealthy family. Her father was a copywriter and her mother was a social worker. Inspired by London's West End's Cats, who performed in stage, Uno, from a young age, had aspirations of becoming a stage artists.

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Her childhood were ashamed and unsure; she described her primary school years as "dark times", as she was not good at running and jumping. Afflicted with a frail body and slow response, while still young her determined to make herself regain confidence.

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Her fifteen years time is spent at 'Shirayuri gakuen' (白百合学園). At the age of eight, she began to write essays and dance at this school. At the age of eleven, she and two other students left Japan, represent Ministry of Education to go the Germany's International Summer Camp.

But she could not speak with other students, for neither knew the other's language. She decided to study English hard and resolved on going abroad to study. After studying to London, in grade 8 summer vacation.

During her first year of high school Uno auditioned in Avex Group's "Avex Audition 2002", where she came in second out of Tens of thousands of participants. She was then signed onto the 'Avex Artist Academy'. A year later, she set up the dance club of Shirayuri Gakuen. This club is the predecessor of AAA.

She made her debut in the 2005 drama SLOW DANCE, though it was only a background music. Later that year, she appeared as Mai Honda in the art film Their waters (彼らの海) VIII -Sentimental Journey-. She had her first starring role as Akane Sueyoshi (末吉茜) in the 2006 antiwar drama Bokura no te (ボクラノテ).

In the same year, Columbia Pictures held an audition in search for actor to be signed under their company. She passed the audition, this made her Hollywood debut in the 2006 horror film The Grudge 2, Her role as Japanese students 'Miyuki Nazawa'.

She had her first starring film role as 'Taniyama Miguru' (谷山めぐる) in the 2010 Japan comedy film rendez-vous (ランデブー!). End of the year, She first appeared in NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen.

In 2011, her early experiences were included in the Stepping stone Vol.7 Misako Uno, an English textbook compiled by the MEXT middle school and high school. Time also honored Fukuhara Ai, Homare Sawa, Miyako Yoshida and Makoto Hasebe.


  • Groovin' (with Mayu)
  • Good Time (with Mayu, ECO)
  • Now Is The Time
  • 2007.7.18: End of This Way
  • End of This Way
  • Movies

  • 2006: The Grudge 2 ... Miyuki
  • 2010: Randebû! (ランデブー!) ... Meguru Taniyama
  • Stage plays

  • 2006: Theater of AAA-bokura no te- (Theater of AAA〜ボクラノテ〜) … Akane Sueyoshi
  • 2007: Super Battle Live Delicious Gakuin Bangaihen ~Delicious 5 Shijō Saidai no Teki~
  • 2008: Love Letters
  • 2010: Genji Monogatari and Ōguro Maki Songs -Boku wa Jyūnihitoe ni Koi wo Suru- (源氏物語×大黒摩季songs~僕は十二単に恋をする~) … Aoi no Ue (葵の上)
  • 2011: Legend of the Galactic Heroes
  • TV drama

  • 2008: Hitomi () … supporting role Keiko Endo
  • 2010: Massugu na Otoko
  • 2012: Umechan Sensei (梅ちゃん先生) … Akane Yabuki
  • 2013: Tokyo Toy Box (東京トイボックス) … Hoshino Tsukiyama
  • 2014: Big Tokyo Toy Box (大東京トイボックス)
  • Radio

  • 2006–2007: Uno Misako no English Lyrics Selection
  • AAA Uno Misako no Radio Unoccoli (FM Niigata, 2011–present)
  • Books

  • 2010: UNO
  • 2011: Kizuna Rensa (キズナレンサ)
  • 2011: Houkago Gomi Hiro (放課後のゴミヒーロー)
  • 2012: UNO-BON
  • 2014: UNONU(you know)
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