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Country  India
District  Hisar district
Website  www.hisar.nic.in
ISO 3166 code  ISO 3166-2:IN
State  Haryana
Municipality  Narnaund
Population  8,737 (2011)
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Mirchpur is an Indus Valley Civilization site and village in Narnaund, Hissar district, Haryana, India.


Map of Mirchpur, Haryana 125039

Demographics of 2011

As of 2011 India census, Mirchpur had a population of 8737 in 1670 households. Males (4706) constitute 53.85% of the population and females (4031) 46.13%. Mirchpur has an average literacy (5498) rate of 62.92%, lower than the national average of 74%: male literacy (3464) is 63%, and female literacy (2034) is 36.99% of total literates (5498). In Mirchpur, Hisar 10.91% of the population is under 6 years of age (954).

Indus Valley Civilization Site

Sisai is an Indus Valley Civilization site with three mounds Sisai 1, Sisai 2 and Sisai 2.

Bolstering the status of Rakhigarhi as the largest Indus Valley Civilization metropolis on the banks of Drishadvati river (current day paleochannel of Chautang), at least 23 other Indus Valley Civilization sites within 5 km (at 4 sites), 10 km (at least 10 sites) and 15 km (at least 9 sites) radius of Rakhigarhi have been discovered till 2001. Some of the raw materials were procured from the nodal Rakhigarhi site and finished products were brought back to the nodal Rakhigarhi site for marketing.

Within 5 km radius are early Harappan (4600 BCE - 2800 BCE) site of Gamra and mature Harappan (2600 BCE - 1400 BCE) sites of Budana, Haibatpur and Lohari Ragho 3.

Within 5 km to 10 km radius, early Harappan sites are Lohari Ragho 1 Lohari Ragho 2 and Kheri Lochab-Kheri Jalab. Mature Harappan small farmstead sites are Milakpur and Gunkali. Small farmstead sites of Kinnar, Nara and Mirchpur have material from both mature and late Harappan period. late Harappan (after 1400 BCE) sites are Sotha and Gandaswala Khera.

Within 5 km to 10 km radius are early, mature and late Harrpan sites. To the north-west of Rakhigarhi are Panhari, Gyanpura, Sotha, Kagsar, Sulchani and south-west of Rakhigarhi are Sisai 1, 2 and 3, Rajpura 2, Pali and Masudpur.


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