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Ministry of Youth and Sports (Malaysia)

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Government of Malaysia

Annual budget
MYR 787,774,400 (2017)

3,817 (2017)

Ministry of Youth and Sports (Malaysia)

1987; 30 years ago (1987)

Preceding Ministry
Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports

Menara KBS, No. 27, Persiaran Perdana, Precinct 4, Federal Government Administrative Centre, 62570 Putrajaya

The Ministry of Youth and Sports (Malay: Kementerian Belia dan Sukan), abbreviated KBS, is a ministry of the Government of Malaysia that is responsible for youth, sports, recreation, leisure, stadium, youth development, youth organisation, .



  • Minister of Youth and Sports
  • Deputy Minister
  • Secretary-General
  • Under the Authority of Secretary-General
  • National Department of Youth and Sports
  • Rakan Muda Development Division
  • Youth Development Division
  • Sports Development Division
  • State Departments of Youth and Sports
  • Sports Commissioner Office
  • Legal Advisor Office
  • Internal Audit Unit
  • Registrar of Youth Office
  • Corporate Communications Unit
  • Integrity Unit
  • National Sports Council
  • Subang National Golf Course
  • Malaysia Stadium Corporation
  • National Sports Institute
  • Institute for Youth Research Malaysia
  • Anti-Doping Unit
  • Deputy Secretary-General (Management)
  • Human Resources Management Division
  • Information Management Division
  • Management Services Division
  • Finance Division
  • Development Division
  • Account Division
  • Deputy Secretary-General (Strategic)
  • Policy and Strategic Planning Division
  • International Relations Division
  • Youth Skill Development Division
  • Federal departments and agencies

    1. Malaysian Golf Skills Academy for Youths, or Akademi Kemahiran Belia Golf Malaysia (AKBG). (Official site)
    2. National Department of Youth and Sports, or Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Negara (JBSN).
    3. National Youth High Skill Institute, or Institut Kemahiran Tinggi Belia Negara (IKTBN).
    4. National Youth Skill Institute, or Institut Kemahiran Belia Negara (IKBN).
    5. Registrar of Youth Office (ROY), or Pejabat Pendaftar Pertubuhan Belia. (Official site)
    6. Malaysia Sports Commissioner Office, or Pejabat Pesuruhjaya Sukan Malaysia (PPS). (Official site)
    7. Institute for Youth Research Malaysia, or Institut Penyelidikan Pembangunan Belia Malaysia (IPPBM). (Official site)
    8. Malaysia Stadium Corporation, or Perbadanan Stadium Malaysia. (Official site)
    9. National Sport Institute, or Institut Sukan Negara (ISN). (Official site)
    10. International Youth Centre, or Pusat Belia Antarabangsa. (Official site)
    11. National Sports Council Malaysia (NSC), or Majlis Sukan Negara Malaysia (MSN). (Official site)
    12. National Youth Consultative Council, or Majlis Perundingan Belia Negara (MPBN). (Official site)

    Key legislation

    The Ministry of Youth and Sports is responsible for administration of several key Acts:

  • National Sports Council of Malaysia Act 1971 [Act 29]
  • Sports Development Act 1997 [Act 576]
  • Youth Societies and Youth Development Act 2007 [Act 668]
  • Perbadanan Stadium Malaysia Act 2010 [Act 717]
  • National Sports Institute Act 2011 [Act 729]
  • Policy Priorities of the Government of the Day

  • National Youth Policy
  • National Sports Policy
  • Programmes

  • Putrajaya Youth Festival
  • National Sports Day
  • 1Malaysia Skilled Youth Program
  • e-Youth System
  • Malaysian Youth Map Application
  • No Reason! Sports For All, Active Malaysia, Towards Active, Healthy, United Malaysia
  • History

    The early formation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports begun in 1953 with the incorporation of the Culture Division under the Department of Public Welfare. At that time, The Culture Division was given the role and responsibility of handling all matters relating to the youth affairs in Malaysia.

    Later in 1964, the Culture Division was placed under the Ministry of Information. At the same time, as a consequence of the growth of organisational activities among youths, a Youth Division was formed to inculcate and supervise these activities under the ministry. Besides that, a Sports Division was also formed under the Ministry of Information.

    The Ministry of Youth and Sports was only formed on 15 May 1964 in conjunction with the National Youth Day celebration of that year. In 1972, the Culture Division was established, and this has led the Ministry of Youth and Sports to change its name to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports until 1987, as the Culture Division was eventually relocated under the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism. Since then, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports was reverted to its original name which, today, known as the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

    Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS) was given the mandate to implement the policies of the Malaysian government, particularly in the areas of Youth and Sports development.


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