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Minister for Foreign Affairs (Japan)

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The Minister for Foreign Affairs (外務大臣, Gaimu Daijin) of Japan is the Cabinet member responsible for Japanese foreign policy and the chief executive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Since the end of the American occupation of Japan, the position has been one of the most powerful in the Cabinet, as Japan's economic interests have long relied on external relations. The recent efforts of former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to establish a more interventionist foreign policy have also heightened the importance of the position.

The position is currently held by Fumio Kishida.

List of ministers

  • Italics indicates subject served as Acting Foreign Minister.
  • Bold indicates subject served concurrently as Prime Minister for a period of time.
  • Postwar Japan (1945-present)

      Liberal (1945)
      Imperial Family
      Democratic (1947)
      Democratic Liberal
      Liberal (1950)
      Democratic (1954)
      Liberal Democratic
      Japan Renewal Party
      Japan New Party
      Liberal League


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