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Minister President of Prussia

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Residence  Berlin, Prussia
Final holder  Hermann Göring
Formation  1702
Abolished  23 April 1945
Minister President of Prussia
Appointer  King of Prussia (1702–1918) Landtag of Prussia (1918–1933)
First holder  Johann Kasimir Kolbe von Wartenberg (Chief Minister) Adolf Heinrich von Arnim-Boitzenburg (Minister President)

The office of Minister President (German: Ministerpräsident), or Prime Minister, of Prussia existed in one form or another from 1702 until the abolition of Prussia in 1947.


History of the office

Under the Kingdom of Prussia the Minister President functioned as the chief minister of the King, and presided over the Landtag (the Prussian legislature established in 1848). After the unification of Germany in 1871 and until the collapse in 1918, the office of the Prussian Minister President was usually held ex officio by the Chancellor of the German Empire, beginning with the tenure of Otto von Bismarck.

Under the Weimar Republic the Minister President was the head of the state government in a more traditional parliamentary role. The office ceased to have any real meaning except as a kind of political patronage title after Nazi Germany dismantled Prussia as a state in 1935 (Reichsstatthaltergesetz), and disappeared along with Prussia itself after World War II.

Chief Ministers of the Kingdom of Prussia (1702–1848)

  • 1702–1711: Johann Kasimir Kolbe von Wartenberg
  • 1711–1728: Heinrich Rüdiger von Ilgen
  • 1728–1739: Friedrich Wilhelm von Grumbkow
  • 1739–1749: Heinrich von Podewils
  • 1749–1753: Georg Dietlof von Arnim-Boitzenburg
  • 1749–1777: Count Karl-Wilhelm Finck von Finckenstein
  • 1777–1802: Friedrich Anton von Heinitz
  • 1786–1798: Friedrich Wilhelm von Arnim
  • 1802–1804: Count Christian Heinrich Kurt von Haugwitz (1st term)
  • 1804–1806: Count Karl August von Hardenberg (1st term)
  • 180600000: Count Christian Heinrich Kurt von Haugwitz (2nd term)
  • 1806–1807: Karl Friedrich von Beyme
  • 180700000: Count Karl August von Hardenberg (2nd term)
  • 1807–1808: Baron Heinrich Friedrich Karl vom und zum Stein
  • 1808–1810: Count Karl Friedrich Ferdinand Alexander zu Dohna-Schlobitten
  • 1810–1822: Prince Karl August von Hardenberg (3rd term)
  • 1822–1823: Otto Carl Friedrich von Voss
  • 1823–1841: Count Carl Friedrich Heinrich, Graf von Wylich und Lottum
  • 1841–1848: Ludwig Gustav von Thile
  • Ministers-President of the Kingdom of Prussia (1848–1918)

    Political Party:   Zentrum   None

    Ministers-President of the Free State of Prussia (1918–1947)

    Political Party:   SPD   Zentrum   NSDAP   None


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