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Milo Ö

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Active  1942–1991
Allegiance  Swedish Armed Forces
Part of  Swedish Armed Forces
Country  Sweden
Type  Military area
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Role  Multi (Sea, Air and Land)

Milo Ö (Swedish: Östra militärområdet, Eastern Military Area) was a Swedish military area, a command of the Swedish Armed Forces that had operational control over Eastern Sweden, for most time of its existence corresponding to the area covered by the counties of Östergötland, Södermanland, Stockholm, Uppsala and Västmanland. The headquarters of Milo Ö were located in Strängnäs.



Milo Ö was created in 1966 along with five other military areas as part of a reorganisation of the administrative divisions of the Swedish Armed Forces. It can be seen as the successor of IV. militärområdet (IV. Military Area) created in 1942, but that did not have the same tasks as Milo Ö. The military area consisted of the land covered by the above-mentioned counties, and from the creation to 1982, also the southern part of Gävleborg County. In 1991, the number of military areas of Sweden was decreased to five, and as a consequence of that, Milo Ö was merged with Milo B to create a new military area, Milo M.

Units 1989

In peacetime the Eastern Military Area consisted of the following units, which were training recruits for wartime units:

  • Eastern Military Area (Milo Ö), in Strängnäs
  • MKG - Military Command Gotland, in Visby, tasked with the defence of Gotland
  • ArtSS - Artillery Combat School Center, in Stockholm
  • Army units:
  • P 10/Fo 43 - Södermanland Regiment / Södermanland Defense Area, Strängnäs
  • I 1/Fo 44 - Svea Life Guards / Stockholm Defense Area, in Kungsängen
  • K 1 Life Guard Dragoons Cavalry Battalion providing the mounted guard at the royal residence
  • I 4/Fo 41 - Life Grenadier Regiment / Östergötland Defense Area, in Linköping
  • T 1 Svea Logistic Battalion
  • A 1 - Svea Artillery Regiment, Linköping
  • Lv 3 - Roslagen Air Defence Regiment, in Norrtälje
  • Ing 1 - Svea Engineer Regiment, in Södertälje
  • S 1/Fo 47/48 - Uppland Signal Regiment / Uppsala and Västmanland Defense Areas, in Uppsala
  • AF 2 - Östgöta Army Aviation Battalion, at Malmen Airbase, with Bell 204C and Bell 206A utility helicopters, Hughes 269C training helicopters, and one squadron of 10x Bo 105CB3 anti-tank helicopters
  • Air Force units:
  • F 13 - Bråvalla Wing, in Norrköping
  • 131st Recce Squadron, with SF 37 Viggen photo reconnaissance aircraft and SH 37 Viggen maritime reconnaissance/strike aircraft
  • 132nd Fighter Squadron, with JA 37 Viggen fighter aircraft
  • Aerial Target Towing Squadron at Malmen Airport with 6x J 32D Lansen aerial tugs and 14x J 32E Lansen electronic warfare aircraft
  • Air Force Intelligence School
  • F 16/Se M - Uppland Wing / Air Defense Sector Middle (covering Milo Ö, Milo B and MKG), in Uppsala
  • 162nd Fighter Squadron, with JA 37 Viggen fighter aircraft
  • 163rd Fighter Squadron, with JA 37 Viggen fighter aircraft
  • F 20 - Uppsala Air Force Schools, in Uppsala
  • Air Force War College
  • Air Force Flight Officer School
  • Air Force Command and Air Surveillance School
  • Armed Forces Language School
  • Navy units:
  • ÖrlB O - East Coast Naval Base, on Muskö
  • 11th Helicopter Group, at Berga Airfield with CH-46B Sea Knight anti-submarine and Bell 206B utility helicopters
  • KA 1 - Vaxholm Coastal Artillery Regiment, in Vaxholm
  • Fortress Battalion Singö, with two 75mm Tornpjäs m/57 batteries in Råstensudde and Roten on Singö island
  • Fortress Battalion Söderarm, with three 75mm Tornpjäs m/57 batteries in Söderarm, Långskär and Gisslingö, two 105mm Tornautomatpjäs m/50 batteries on Arholma and Ovanskär islands, and one 120mm Tornautomatpjäs m/70 battery in Söderarm
  • Fortress Battalion Haninge, with two 75mm Tornpjäs m/57 batteries on Mörtö-Bunsö and Korsö islands and four 105mm Tornautomatpjäs m/50 batteries on Bodskär and Nåttarö islands
  • Fortress Battalion Landsort, with two 75mm Tornpjäs m/57 batteries in Kolgårdsholmen and Mällsten, and one 120mm Tornautomatpjäs m/70 battery in Landsort
  • Fortress Battalion Bråviken, with three 75mm Tornpjäs m/57 batteries in Oxelösund, Arkösund and Bråviken
  • 2nd Coastal Artillery Battalion with three batteries with 4x mobile 120mm M/80 cannons each
  • HSwMS Skramsösund (17) minelayer
  • HSwMS Barösund (19) minelayer
  • HSwMS Arkösund (12) minelayer
  • HSwMS Furusund (20) minelayer
  • 1st Surface Attack Flotilla, at the Berga Naval Base in Hårsfjärden
  • 10th Coastal Corvette Division, with 2x Stockholm-class corvettes
  • HSwMS Stockholm (K11)
  • HSwMS Malmö (K12)
  • 11th Missile Boat Division, with 6x Norrköping-class missile boats
  • HSwMS Umeå (R137)
  • HSwMS Piteå (R138)
  • HSwMS Luleå (R139)
  • HSwMS Halmstad (R140)
  • HSwMS Strömstad (R141)
  • HSwMS Ystad (R142)
  • 13th Patrol Boat Division, with 4x Hugin-class patrol boats
  • HSwMS Vale (P155)
  • HSwMS Vidar (P156)
  • HSwMS Mjölner (P157)
  • HSwMS Mysing (P158)
  • 14th Patrol Boat Division, with 4x Hugin-class patrol boats
  • HSwMS Kaparen (P159)
  • HSwMS Väktaren (P160)
  • HSwMS Snapphanen (P161)
  • HSwMS Spejaren (P162)
  • 1st Submarine Flotilla, in Muskö
  • HSwMS Älvsborg (M02), command ship and minelayer
  • 1st Submarine Division, with 4x Västergötland-class and 4x Sjöormen-class submarines
  • HSwMS Västergötland
  • HSwMS Hälsingland
  • HSwMS Södermanland
  • HSwMS Östergötland
  • HSwMS Sjöormen
  • HSwMS Sjöbjörnen
  • HSwMS Sjöhästen
  • HSwMS Sjölejonet
  • 2nd Submarine Division, with 3x Näcken-class and 1x Sjöormen-class submarine
  • HSwMS Näcken
  • HSwMS Najad
  • HSwMS Neptun
  • HSwMS Sjöhunden
  • Diving Division (Submarine rescue)
  • HSwMS Belos, submarine rescue ship
  • 2nd Mine Clearing Squadron
  • 211th Mine Clearing Division, with Landsort-class mine countermeasures vessels
  • HSwMS Landsort (M71)
  • HSwMS Arholma (M72)
  • HSwMS Koster (M73)
  • HSwMS Kullen (M74)
  • HSwMS Vinga (M75)
  • HSwMS Ven (M76)
  • HSwMS Ulvön (M77)
  • 5th Minelaying Squadron
  • HSwMS Visborg (M03) minelayer
  • HSwMS Carlskrona (M04) minelayer
  • HSwMS Nämdö (M67), Arkö-class minesweeper
  • 6th Mine Clearing Squadron
  • 611th Mine Clearing Division, with Arkö-class coastal minesweepers
  • HSwMS Arkö (M57)
  • HSwMS Skaftö (M62)
  • HSwMS Nämdö (M67)
  • HSwMS Blidö (M68)
  • 1st Diving Division
  • HSwMS M20
  • HSwMS M21
  • HSwMS M24
  • HSwMS M25
  • 14th Logistic Division
  • HSwMS Orion (A201), ELINT-collection ship
  • HSwMS Brännaren (A228), tanker
  • HSwMS Minören (A237), mine transport ship
  • HSwMS Hägern (A246), oiler
  • HSwMS Pingvinen (A248), torpedo salvage boat
  • HSwMS Achilles (A251, oiler-tug
  • HSwMS Ajax (A252), oiler-tug
  • HSwMS Hermes (A253), oiler-tug
  • HSwMS Sigrun (A256), oiler
  • HSwMS Utö (A261), oiler commissioned in 1989
  • HSwMS Gålö (A263), command ship
  • HSwMS Loke (A344), oiler
  • Development Command "Coastal Corvette Göteborg"
  • 1st School Flotilla
  • HSwMS Gladan (S01), sail ship
  • HSwMS Falken (S02), sail ship
  • HSwMS Jägaren (P150)
  • HSwMS Tjurkö (M53)
  • HSwMS Ornö (M55)
  • Additional vessels included the following lightly armed coastal patrol vessels: HSwMS Arild (V03), HSwMS Viken (V04), HSwMS Öregrund (V05), HSwMS Slite (V06), HSwMS Marstrand (V07), HSwMS Lysekil (V08), HSwMS Dalarö (V09), HSwMS Sandhamn (V10) and HSwMS Östhammar (V11). In wartime the Swedish Navy would activate the Fiske-class coastal minesweeping trawlers: HSwMS Gåssten (M31), HSwMS Norsten (M32), HSwMS Viksten (M33, HSwMS Orust (M41), HSwMS Tjorn (M42), HSwMS Hisingen (M43), HSwMS Blackan (M44), HSwMS Dämman (M45), HSwMS boar (M46), HSwMS Gillöga (M47), HSwMS Rödlöga (M48) and HSwMS Svartlöga (M49).

    In wartime the Eastern Military Area would have activated the following major land units, as well as a host of smaller units:

  • 4th Division, in Kungsängen
  • 14th Division, in Solna
  • IB 1 - Gula Brigade, in Kungsängen, a Type 77 infantry brigade based on the I 1 - Svea Life Guards
  • IB 4 - Grenadier Brigade, in Linköping, a Type 77 infantry brigade based on the I 4 - Life Grenadier Regiment
  • MekB 10 - Södermanland Brigade, in Strängnäs, a Type 85 mechanized brigade based on the P 10 - Södermanland Regiment
  • Commanders

  • 1942-1943 - Erik Testrup (also commandant)
  • 1943-1944 - Helge Jung (also commandant)
  • 1944-1945 - Arvid Moberg (acting military commander and commandant)
  • 1945-1957 - Gustaf Dyrssen (also commandant)
  • 1957-1961 - Bert Carpelan (also commandant)
  • 1961-1967 - Gustav Åkerman (also commandant until 1966)
  • 1967-1969 - Carl Eric Almgren (also commandant)
  • 1969-1974 - Ove Ljung (also commandant)
  • 1974-1976 - Nils Sköld (also commandant)
  • 1976-1982 - Gunnar Eklund (also commandant)
  • 1982-1988 - Bengt Lehander
  • 1988-1991 - Bror Stefenson
  • References

    Milo Ö Wikipedia

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