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Miguel Telles Antunes

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Name  Miguel Antunes

Miguel Telles Antunes Miguel Telles Antunes Frum dos Numismatas

Saudação Miguel Telles Antunes

Dr. Miguel Telles Antunes (born 11 January 1937; Lisbon) is a famous Portuguese academic, specializing in paleontology, zooarchaeology, and geology. Antunes is a ranking member of various institutions, including the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, Nova University of Lisbon, and the Lourinhã Museum of Ethnology and Archaeology.


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Antunes is the namesake of the scientific names of multiple species, from dinosaurs to insects, owing to his preeminence as the field of paleontology and archaeology, the most notable of which is the Lourinhanosaurus antunesi, a theropod dinosaur of the late Jurassic period.

Águas da cisterna e da sepultura 133 do Convento de Jesus


Antunes is a ranking member of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, Portugal's most eminent scientific scholarly society, Antunes serves as the Director of the academy's Maynense Museum.

Antunes is a professor at the Nova University of Lisbon, where he previously served as chair of Nova's Sciences and Technology Department.

Antunes serves as a curator and as a member of the board of directors for the Lourinhã Museum of Ethnology and Archaeology.

Species named after Antunes

Numerous species, all extinct, are named after Antunes, including:

  • Lourinhanosaurus antunesi, extinct late Jurassic therapod dinosaur
  • Paragaleus antunesi, extinct weasel shark
  • Cytherella antunesi, extinct ostracod of Cytherellidae family
  • Diacodexis antunesi; extinct herbivore mammal of Dichobunidae family
  • Fluviatilavis antunesi; extinct bird of Charadriiformes order
  • Echinolampus antunesi; extinct echinoderm
  • Gyraulus antunesi; extinct mollusk
  • Equus caballus antunesi; extinct subspecies of horse
  • Personal life

    Miguel Carlos Ferreira Telles Antunes was born in Lisbon, Portugal, on 11 January 1937.

    On 30 January 1965, he married Maria Salomé Soares Pais Telles Antunes, Secretary-General of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences and Secretary of the Academy Class of Letters, Portugal's highest linguistic governing body. The couple have two children: Helena Luísa Soares Pais Telles Antunes, M.D., a cardiothoracic surgeon and researcher, and Ana Isabel Soares Pais Telles Antunes, a preeminent concert pianist associated with New York University and Lisbon's Amadores Academy of Music.

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