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Midnight Phantom (TV series)

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Drama, Romance

Directed by
Cathy Garcia-Molina

First episode date
12 July 2010

Theme song
All I Ask of You

Number of episodes

Created by
Martha Cecilia

Country of origin

Final episode date
13 August 2010


Rafael Rosell Denise Laurel Ina Raymundo

Opening theme
All I Ask of You by Raki Vega

Denise Laurel, Rafael Rosell, Ina Raymundo

Kristine, The Substitute Bride, You're Mine - Only Mine, Precious Hearts Romance, My Cheating Heart

Midnight Phantom is the 10th installment of the Precious Hearts Romances Presents series based on the pocket book of the same title by Martha Cecilia, and is also the first installment to simultaneously air with the 11th installment, Impostor. The series premiered on July 12, 2010, in ABS-CBN's afternoon block.


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This marks TV comebacks of Rafael Rosell, Denise Laurel and Ina Raymundo. This also marks Ina Raymundo's comeback to the television scene after 8 years. Both Ina and Denise played a mother-daughter duo after being cast on the second book and season of Pangako Sa 'Yo in 2001.

Midnight Phantom (TV series) Midnight Phantom Trailer Midnight Phantom Midnight Phantom

Main cast

Midnight Phantom (TV series) Midnight Phantom39 Sexiest Episodes TV Series Craze

  • Rafael Rosell as Brandon / Midnight Phantom - Brandon, an heir to his father's wealth, fell in love with a bar singer- Anya, who was ten years his senior. Young, and madly in love, Brandon fought for this love that scarred him physically, emotionally, mentally- for life as the woman he poured his heart for- loved another man. Ten years later, still scarred and is convinced that women can never be trusted, Brandon conceals his loneliness and heartbreak through the voice of "Midnight Phantom". His sweet words, longing for a woman to love him wholeheartedly, captivated the hearts of the hopeless romantic young women. By chance, Brandon meets the woman who made his heart beat once more, only to find out later that the young lass who made him believe in love again is the stepdaughter of the woman who shattered his heart and his life ten years ago.
  • Denise Laurel as Nadja Ann dela Merced - Nadja is the heiress of a wealthy businessman. She had lost her mother first, had a step mother second, and lost her father soon after the marriage. From then on, she was raised by Anya- her step mom, as her own flesh and blood daughter, whom she loved in return. Intelligent and reserved, but crazy-beautiful at the same time, Nadja falls in love with a man she hasn't met- a mysterious DJ whose program airs at midnight. To pursue this atypical attraction, Nadja goes on a quest to discover and get to know her Midnight Phantom. Her Dream Boy returns a mutual interest, and they spend a romantic and chaotic week-long vacation, in a private, secluded island. As their romance steams up, Nadja discovers the truth behind her Dream Boy's true identity and motive- A plot for revenge.
  • Ina Raymundo as Anya dela Merced - Young Anya used to be a bar singer who attracted both the widowed bar owner- Augusto, and the young band singer- Brandon. Her beauty and youth brought happiness to her marriage to Augusto and her brief romance with Brandon catapulted the young man's destruction and despair. As Augusto dies, Anya tries her best to be the mother for her late husband's unica hija- Nadja. She was the best step mom one could have- at least until the secrets locked up from her past, resurfaces to haunt her.
  • Supporting cast

    Midnight Phantom (TV series) A Romantic 39Midnight Phantom39 Finale TV Series Craze

  • Charee Pineda as Karen Castillo - A fellow Midnight Phantom fan, Karen is Nadja's best friend and confidante. As Mike's sister, she becomes Nadja's crucial link to the Midnight Phantom.
  • Jommy Teotico as Peter - He is one of the band members and closest friends of Brandon. He now works for Brandon's radio station and only one of the few people who knows the true identity of the Midnight Phantom.
  • JM de Guzman as Mike Castillo - He is Brandon's best friend, and Karen's elder brother. He holds the key to Midnight Phantom's true identity, and Brandon's scarred past. He will be the bridge that will make Brandon, Nadja and Anya's path intersect.
  • Cris Villanueva as Augusto Dela Merced - He is the bar owner where Anya sings and Brandon plays with his band. He is a widower with a little princess to raise- Nadja. He loved Anya unconditionally---accepting her past and the secrets that she keeps.
  • Spanky Manikan as Don Hernando - A successful businessman, a father and a hard-liner. He wants nothing but a stable future for his son but his tough-love has hardened Brandon, causing the frequent clashes between father and son.
  • Beverly Salviejo as Yaya Zeny - She had taken care of Nadja, Augusto and Anya along with their family and personal secrets. She had been a second mom to both Anya and Nadja.
  • Alwyn Uytingco as Ryan - friend of Brandon who owns a bar aptly named Ryan's Bar.
  • Hansen Nichols as Nelson - one of the band members
  • Makisig Morales as Gabriel - Anya's son with cerebral palsy
  • Re-run

    As part of the new tagline Throwback sa Umaga (Throwback in the Morning), Midnight Phantom re-aired from September 16, 2014 to October 10, 2014 weekday mornings right after Naruto Shippuden 6.


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