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Mickey Zucker Reichert

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Name  Mickey Reichert

Role  Author
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Books  The Legend of Nightfall, The Last of the Renshai, Isaac Asimov's I Robot: To, The Western Wizard, Beyond Ragnarok

Mickey Zucker Reichert (born as Miriam Susan Zucker in 1962) is an American fantasy fiction author of several best selling novels.


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Personal life

Reichert is a pediatrician, and is a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). She is from a town in Iowa. She has fostered and adopted children, as well as a variety of animals "from mice to horses".

Her novels are published by DAW Books; the organisation published her first novel via Sheila Gilbert, who is still Reichert's editor over 25 years later.

Notable works

Reichert has published over 22 novels; an illustrated novella; and over 50 short stories.

Renshai series

She is known for her Renshai series, which provides a different perspective on traditional Norse mythology. An epic tale of a battle between good vs evil vs neutrality. It brings alive Norse mythology. The story largely centers around the survivors from a tribe of master swordsmen that are nearly decimated in a coordinated attack by the majority of their neighboring countries, and a few other interesting characters.

These three books focus on the character of Colbey Calistinsson in addition to other characters that play central roles in the storyline. Colbey is the most skilled swordsman the Renshai tribe has ever known. Yet, after his tribe is almost completely eradicated, he is forced to search for purpose and also determine a new course for his existence. Otherwise the evil forces of the East will destroy the neutral forces of the West in the Great War that is prophesied to plunge more than half of the continent in a violent war.

Later in the series Colbey acquires powerful telepathic and psychic abilities. This, he discovers in the third book, stems from his heritage. Colbey is in fact the son of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, and the grandson of Odin, King of the Norse Gods. He is the son of a god and a mortal woman from a mighty warrior tribe (Renshai). However, true to character, he is undaunted by this knowledge, and soldiers on through many quests with his sense of purpose and his dedication to only do what he feels is right regardless of the consequences - even if it may possibly result in the Ragnarok and bring about the end of the world. Eventually, he marries the goddess Freya.

I, Robot

Reichert was asked to write three prequels of I, Robot by Asimov's estate, because she is a science fiction writer with an MD. She first met Asimov when she was 23, although she did not know him well. She is the first female author to be authorised to write stories based on Asimov's novels; follow-ups to his Foundation series were written by Gregory Benford, Greg Bear and David Brin. The prequels were ordered by Berkley Books.


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