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Michael Smith (journalist)

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Name  Michael Smith
Role  Commentator

Parents  Bill Smith
Uncles  Stanley C. "Bud" Smith
Michael Smith (journalist) usatthebigleadfileswordpresscom201308michael
Education  Loyola University New Orleans, McDonogh 35 High School
Similar People  Jemele Hill, Cari Champion, Stephen A Smith

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Music and sound

  • Michael Joseph Smith (born 1938), American classical composer and pianist
  • Mike Smith (singer-songwriter) (born 1939), American singer-songwriter
  • Michael Peter Smith (born 1941), American songwriter and performer
  • Mike Smith (Dave Clark Five) (1943–2008), English singer-songwriter (The Dave Clark Five)
  • Michael S. Smith (1946–2006), American jazz drummer (Roberta Flack)
  • Mike Smith (born 1947), Welsh saxophonist (Amen Corner)
  • Michael W. Smith (born 1957), American Christian singer and musician
  • Mike Smith (jazz saxophonist) (born 1957), American jazz saxophonist (Frank Sinatra)
  • Mike Smith (drummer) (born 1970), American drummer (Suffocation)
  • Mike Smith (guitarist) (born 1973), American guitarist (Limp Bizkit)
  • Mike Smith (A&R man), managing director of Columbia Records UK
  • Mike Smith (saxophonist), English saxophonist (The Ailerons)
  • Mike Prestwood Smith, sound mixer
  • Stage and screen

  • Michael Bailey Smith (born 1957), American film and television actor
  • Mike Smith (actor) (born 1972), Canadian who portrayed Bubbles on Trailer Park Boys
  • Michael Smith (director), American film and television series director
  • Writing

  • Michael Smith (author) (born 1946), British author and journalist
  • Michael Smith (poet) (1942–2014), Irish poet and translator
  • Mikey Smith (1954–1983), Jamaican dub poet and performance artist
  • Michael Marshall Smith (born 1965), English novelist and screenwriter
  • Michael Smith (writer) (born 1976), English writer and broadcaster
  • Michael V. Smith, Canadian novelist, poet and filmmaker
  • Visual Arts and design

  • Michael Smith (performance artist) (born 1951), American performance artist
  • Michael S. Smith (interior designer) (born 1964), American interior designer
  • Journalists

  • Michael Townsend Smith (born 1935), theatre critic, music and dance critic, and playwright
  • Mike Smith (broadcaster) (1955–2014), English television and radio presenter
  • Michael Smyth (born 1972 or 1973), South Australian television newsreader
  • Michael Smith (sports reporter) (born 1979), American sports reporter for The Boston Globe and ESPN
  • Michael Smith (newspaper reporter), reporter on defence issues at the Sunday Times who obtained and published the Downing Street Memos
  • Michael David Smith, American sportwriter and blogger
  • Michael Smith (American journalist), American journalist for Bloomberg News
  • Michael Smith (Irish journalist) (born 1965)
  • Politicians

  • M. Hoke Smith (1855–1931), American politician
  • Mickey Smyth (1921–1981), Irish trade unionist and Labour Party politician, Mayor of Galway 1971–1972
  • Michael Smith (Irish politician) (born 1940), Irish politician
  • Michael Smyth (Irish politician) (died 1973), Irish senator
  • Carl Michael Smith (born 1944), known as Mike, former Oklahoma Secretary of Energy
  • Mike Smith (Louisiana politician) (born 1948), former Louisiana state senator from Winnfield
  • Michael Keith Smith (1953–2010), chairman of United Kingdom pressure group, the Conservative Democratic Alliance
  • Michael K. Smith (Illinois politician) (1966–2014), former member of the Illinois House of Representatives
  • Michael K. Smith (Vermont), secretary of human services for the state of Vermont, 2006–2008
  • Mike Smith (Nova Scotia politician), mayor of Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Michael Adye Smith (1886–1965), Australian politician
  • American football

  • Mike Smith (American football coach) (born 1959), former head coach of the NFL Atlanta Falcons
  • Mike Smith (linebacker) (born 1981), former NFL linebacker, current co-defensive coordinator for the Texas Tech Red Raiders
  • Michael Smith (running back) (born 1988), American football running back who is currently a free agent
  • Michael Smith (American football coach), American football coach in the United States
  • Association football

  • Mike Smith (footballer, born 1935) (1935–2013), English defender for Derby County and Bradford City
  • Mike Smith (football manager) (born 1937), manager of Egypt and Wales national football teams and Hull City A.F.C.
  • Mick Smyth (born 1940), Irish football player
  • Michael Smith (footballer, born 1988), Northern Irish footballer who plays for Heart of Midlothian
  • Michael Smith (footballer, born 1991), English professional footballer who plays for Portsmouth
  • Baseball

  • Mike Smith (1890s outfielder) (1868–1945), MLB outfielder from 1886–1901
  • Mike Smith (1920s outfielder) (1904–1981), MLB outfielder who played in the 1926 season
  • Mike Smith (1984–89 pitcher) (born 1961), National League pitcher from 1984–89
  • Mike Smith (1989–1990 pitcher) (born 1963), American League pitcher from 1989–90
  • Mike Smith (infielder) (born 1969), Rotary Smith Award winner
  • Mike Smith (2000s pitcher) (born 1977), MLB pitcher in the 2000s
  • Hockey

  • Mike Smith (ice hockey, born 1945), former American general manager for the Winnipeg Jets and the Chicago Blackhawks
  • Mike Smith (ice hockey, born 1982), Canadian goaltender for the Calgary Flames
  • Basketball

  • Mike Smith (basketball, born 1963), former professional basketball player from the University of South Carolina-Spartanburg
  • Michael Smith (basketball, born 1965), former pro player and current Los Angeles Clippers television and radio commentator
  • Michael Smith (basketball, born 1972), former NBA player from Washington, D.C.
  • Mike Smith (basketball, born 1976), professional basketball player from West Monroe, Louisiana
  • Mike Smith (basketball, born 1987), professional basketball player from East Tennessee State University
  • Cricket

  • M. J. K. Smith (born 1933), English cricketer and rugby union player
  • Michael J. Smith (cricketer) (1942–2004), cricketer who played for Middlesex CCC and England
  • Mike Smith (Scottish cricketer) (born 1966), Scottish cricketer
  • Andrew Michael Smith (born 1967), Gloucestershire CCC and England cricketer
  • Michael Smith (Oxfordshire cricketer), English cricketer
  • Rugby league

  • Michael Smith (rugby league, born 1976), rugby league footballer of the 1990s and 2000s for New Zealand, Canterbury Bulldogs, Castleford Tigers, Hull F.C., and Hull Kingston Rovers
  • Michael Smith (rugby league), rugby league footballer of the 1970s and '80s for Featherstone Rovers
  • Mike Smith (rugby league), rugby league footballer of the 1970s and '80s who played for Great Britain, and England, and Hull Kingston Rovers
  • Other sports

  • Michael Smith (Australian footballer) (born 1959), former Australian rules footballer
  • Michael Smith (wrestler) (born 1963), American professional wrestler
  • Mike E. Smith (born 1965), American jockey
  • Mike Smith (decathlete) (born 1967), Canadian silver medalist in the decathlon, at the 1991 World Championships in Athletics
  • Michael Smith (darts player) (born 1990), PDC dart player
  • Michael Smith (canoeist), former British slalom canoeist
  • Mike Smith (athletics coach) (d. 2017), English athletics coach
  • Science

  • Michael Smith (chemist) (1932–2000), Canadian Nobel Prize–winning chemist
  • Michael J. Smith (astronaut) (1945–1986), American astronaut
  • Michael F Smith (born 1948), Anglo-American computer scientist and businessman
  • Michael E. Smith (born 1953), American archaeologist and Mesoamerica scholar
  • Michael D. Smith (computer scientist), Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University
  • Michael D. Smith (economist), information technology and marketing professor
  • C. Michael Smith (born 1950), clinical psychologist and scholar
  • Others

  • Michael Smith (judge) (1740–1809), Irish judge
  • M. G. Smith (Michael G. Smith, 1921–1993), Jamaican poet and social anthropologist
  • Michael Smith (bishop) (born 1940), Catholic Bishop of Meath, Ireland
  • Michael G. Smith (born 1955), Episcopal Bishop of North Dakota, United States
  • Mike Sharwood Smith (born 1942), linguist
  • Michael John Smith (espionage) (born 1948), British Cold War spy
  • Michael A. Smith (born 1954), philosopher at Princeton University
  • Michael Acton Smith (born 1974), CEO and founder of online games developer and entertainment company Mind Candy
  • Michael Smith (chef) (born 1966), American born celebrity chef residing in Canada
  • Michael S. Smith II, counter-terrorism advisor to members of the United States Congress
  • Michael J. Smith, U.S. army sergeant, dog handler convicted for prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib prison
  • Valentine Michael Smith, chief character in Stranger in a Strange Land
  • Michael Smith (PR consultant), PR consultant and former editor of The Age
  • Michael Smith, a police sergeant killed during the 2016 shooting of Dallas police officers
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