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Michael Andrew Law

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Nationality  Chinese
Books  iEgoism
Period  Photorealism

Role  Artist
Name  Michael Law
Known for  Painting, Filmmaking
Michael Andrew Law Michael Andrew Law and his painting by florencelawman on
Born  November 13, 1982 (1982-11-13) Hong Kong, China
Notable work  "Humanity" (2007), Somewhere beyond my reach (2005)
Movement  Photorealism, New Pop Realism

michael andrew law

Michael Andrew Law (Chinese: 羅卓睿;born November 13, 1982 in Hong Kong) is a Hong Kong Contemporary Artist, painter, Hong Kong film producer.


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Michael Andrew Law Michael Andrew Law Art Prints Posters Home Decor

His early work consists mainly of comic and Illustrations, which have been published in various publications including Kung Kao Po, Catholic Children's Bible and various other prayer books.

Michael Andrew Law Hong Kong Oil Painter michaelandrewlaw

In 2006 Law devoted himself as a fine art painter and made portraits of several catholic figures and Hong Kong celebrities,which have been exhibited internationally since 2006.

Figurative Works

Michael Andrew Law Michael Andrew Law Google

As Fine Artist,Law worked on a series of large scales realism figurative works,Humanity was an oil painting work, Set in a grassground in Hong Kong Island, this narrative painting depicts a cluster of children sharing the corner of the peaceful nature;while adults crowded toward the money-worship jungle.

Michael Andrew Law LV michaelandrewlaw

The work have been exhibited at The Avenue of Stars of Hong Kong and Queen Victoria Street, Hong Kong in 2009,

Portraits Works for Catholic Church

Michael Andrew Law Michael Andrew Law Fashion Art XV YouTube

Another strong element in his career are Paintings with biblical themes, Law completed oil painting portraits of various Catholic Church figure,including Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, Mother Teresa, has since exhibited nationally and recognized by the church,known collector included Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, the Chinese Cardinal of the Catholic Church .

Multimedia Work

Michael Andrew Law michaelandrewlawcomcheukyui4mediak2itemscach

Law also known for his work as film producer as he Produced and directed dozen promotional music video and 2 documentaries films with his own production group in Hong Kong.


Michael Andrew Law East Asia Artist News on Michael Andrew Law
  • 2013 Exhibition at NatureArt Gallery DeTour 2013
  • 2009 Exhibition The Avenue of Stars
  • 2007 Guest and ExhibitionThe Peak Galleria Hong Kong
  • 2007 Invited workshop exhibition, Elements, Hong Kong
  • 2006 Collection by Cardinal Zen Ze-kiun and exhibited at Catholic Church of Hong Kong.
  • 2004 - 2007, Exhibition, Hong Kong Central Library.
  • 2005 Illustrator for Kung Kao Po
  • 2004 Group Exhibition, Wanchai Tower
  • 2003 Group Exhibition, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
  • 2003 Winner of I luv Hong Kong Painting Competition, exhibition at The Landmark (Hong Kong).
  • Selected publications

  • International Contemporary Painting (ISBN 978-88-89431-07-8)
  • Traditional & Contemporary Chinese Brush (ISBN 1-903975-19-0)
  • A Tradition Redefined: Modern and Contemporary Chinese Ink Paintings from the Chu-tsing Li Collection (ISBN 0-300-12672-7)
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    Pale Hair Girls Catalogue (Volume 1), 2014
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  • iEgoism
    Paperback, 2015
    Michael Andrew Law,
    Publisher: XLIBRIS Eassay, (ISBN 978-1499021240)
  • Chinese Contemporary Artist Full Coloured Edition
    Michael Andrew Law Studio,
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    Hong Kong Art Basel, Michael Andrew Law Studio,
    (ISBN 978-1508758945)
  • Christmas Everyday
    Michael Andrew Law Studio,
    Michael Andrew Law ,
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  • Conceptz on woods, 2015
    Michael Andrew Law Exhibition Catalogue , Studio Cheukyui, Los Angeles
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  • iEgoism Paintings, 2015
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