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Miani Hor

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Miani Hor is a swampy lagoon lying on the coast of Lasbela District of Balochistan, Pakistan. Covering an area of 7,471 hectares, it was designated a Ramsar site in May 2001.


Map of Miani Hor, Pakistan


The site is located 95 kilometres from Karachi near Sonmiani Bay.

Site description

The lagoon is 60 km long and 4 to 5 km wide. It mouth is 4 km wide. Two seasonal rivers, Porali and Windor enter into this bay.

Flora and fauna

It is the only place in Pakistan where three species of mangroves, Avicennia marina, Rhizophora mucronata, and Ceriops tagal occur naturally.


It faces two threats, namely domestic waste disposal and accumulated solid waste debris.


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