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Mian Bakhsh Laghari

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Mian Bakhsh Laghari

Sweet memory of professor mian bakhsh laghari

Professor Mian Bakhsh Laghari (Urdu: پروفیسر میاں بخش لغاری ‎) was a Pakistani (Sindhi) scholar who translated many books from sindhi to English and English to sindhi. He was born in 1944 in the village of Jaffar Khan Laghari District Sanghar Sindh, Pakistan. He died following a road accident on December 25, 1999, near Jamshoro Sindh, Pakistan. He is now buried in Jaffar Khan Laghari District Sanghar Sindh, Pakistan. His funeral service was held in Sindh University Housing Society Jamshoro, attended by hundreds of people, including ex-federal minister, governor, chief minister and chairman of Sindh National Front Sardar Mumtaz Ali Khan Bhutto.


He was acting professor and chairman of his department in University of Sindh's old campus.

Early life

Professor Mian Bakhsh Laghari was born on 1944, in a well known and well educated village of Jaffer Khan Laghari in district Sangher, Sindh Pakistan in Asia. Although his father was uneducated and a small landlord in the village, but regardless of that he (Prof. Mian Bakhsh Laghari) had a passion for education. In regard to that he worked very hard to achieve his goals, even though he was never encouraged by his father or grandfather, his mother was always encouraged him and done her best to support him to achieve his goals.


After a long struggle and facing such hard time and challenges, he finished his education and started his career being a primary teacher in the city of Hyderabad, Sindh Pakistan. He married with the daughter of a small local landlord in 1965. He had three sons and five daughters. He completed his double M.A (Master of Arts), and became professor in the University of Sindh old campus Hyderabad, Sindh Pakistan.


During his job at Sindh University, he published so many articles in the leading magazines of all over Pakistan, in different languages (Sindhi, English and Urdu). His main focus was on the education system in Pakistan especially in Sindh, the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, islamic studies, Quran and Hadiths etc. He also translated some curricular books for Sindhi Adbi Board.


He died in a road accident near Jamshoro, Sindh Pakistan on December 25, 1999, at the age of 55. His sudden death was a big shock for his family and friends. At the time of his death he was professor and acting Chairman of Adult Education at the University of Sindh. Many well known personalities attend his funeral and pay tribute to him, including former CM and Governor of Sindh Sardar Mamtaz Ali Khan Bhutto and present MNA Gul Mohammad Jakhrani and Vice Chancellor of Sindh University etc.


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