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Mi mejor amiga

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Created by  Delia Fiallo
Country of origin  Venezuela
No. of episodes  74
Number of episodes  74
Genre  Telenovela
Directed by  Grazio D'Angelo
Original language(s)  Spanish
First episode date  1980
Program creator  Delia Fiallo
Language  Spanish
Starring  Flor Núñez Félix Loreto Elba Escobar
Similar  La sombra de Piera, Sueño Contigo, Cumbres Borrascosas, María Mercé - La Chinita, María Teresa

Me voy de venezuela hago llorar a mi mejor amiga

Mi mejor amiga is a 1980 Venezuelan telenovela written by Delia Fiallo and transmitted on Venevision. Flor Núñez and Félix Loreto starred as the main protagonists with Elba Escobar as the main antagonists.


Novela enamorada del primo de mi mejor amiga cd9 cap 1


Graciela Acosta goes to see a gynecologist to see if she can still have children after having an abortion five years before, and her doctor advises her she can as long as she undergoes a series of long and painful treatments. Graciela is married to Willi, a conformist who works at her father's company. He is satisfied with his current life, and his personality clashes with that of Graciela who is hardworking and wants to move up in life. This creates problems in their marriage. On the other hand, Milena breaks up with her boyfriend and decides to move in with her best friend Graciela. However, Milena begins to be a replacement for Graciela because she appears to be the perfect housewife. She cooks, cleans and provides company to a lonely Willi and they begin to fall in love. Graciela later discovers that her best friend and her husband have become lovers, thus creating a love triangle.


  • Flor Núñez- Graciela Pérez Acosta
  • Félix Loreto- Willi Acosta
  • Elba Escobar- Milena Ricardo
  • Eva Blanco
  • Raúl Xiquez
  • Manuel Escolano
  • Juan Frankis
  • Betty Ruth
  • Fernando Flores
  • Omar Omaña
  • Elisa Escámez
  • Guillermo Dávila
  • Estelin Betancort
  • Luis Colmenares
  • Egnis Santos
  • Tony Rodríguez
  • Francia Ortiz
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