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Meyerton, Baker Island

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Meyerton, Baker Island

Meyerton is a former settlement on Baker Island. The town was named for Captain H. A. Meyer, United States Army, who in 1935 assisted in establishing living quarters and rainwater cisterns for colonists arriving on the island for the purpose of mining the guano deposits. It was located on the west side of the island, at an elevation of 13 feet (4.0 m) above sea level.


In 1935 American colonists arrived aboard the USCGC Itasca, the same vessel that brought colonists to neighboring Howland Island, on April 3, 1935. They built a lighthouse, substantial dwellings, and attempted to grow various plants. One sad-looking clump of coconut palms was jokingly called "King-Doyle Park" after two well-known citizens of Hawaii who visited on the Taney in 1938. This clump was the best on the island, planted near a water seep, but the dry climate and sea birds, eager for anything upon which to perch, did not give the trees or shrubs much of a chance to survive.


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