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Mewahang language

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Native to  Nepal
Ethnicity  Rai
Region  Koshi Zone
Native speakers  4,700 (2011 census)
Language family  Sino-Tibetan Mahakiranti ? Kiranti Eastern Upper Arun Meohang
ISO 639-3  Either: emg – Eastern raf – Western

Mewahang (Meohang), or Newahang, is a Kiranti language spoken in Nepal. The eastern and western dialects are structurally distinct.

Distribution and dialects

Western Mewahang is spoken in the upper Arun valley west of the Arun River in Sankhuwasabha District, Kosi Zone, in the villages of Bala, Yamdang, Tamku, and Sisuwa (Ethnologue).

  • The Bala dialect is spoken in Bala village, Sankhuwasabha VDC.
  • The Bumdemba dialect is spoken in Sishuwakhola VDC.
  • Eastern Mewahang is spoken in Mangtewa, Yaphu, and Choyang VDC's of Sankhuwasabha District, Kosi Zone (Ethnologue). It is spoken in the upper Arun valley east of the Arun River.

  • The Sunsari dialect is spoken Bhaludhunga and Bishnupaduka VDC's of Sunsari District.
  • The Dibum (Dibung) dialect is spoken in Mangtewa VDC
  • The Mulgaon-Wangtang dialect is spoken in Yaphu VDC.
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