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Metzner is a German surname, which may have formed from the German word metze, a small dry-measure for grain, or metzjen, the occupational name for a butcher. It is also a habitational name that stems Metz from Lorraine, typically a Jewish name, and from Metzen in Lower Bavaria. The origin of the surname has led to various other related spellings.


Metzner may refer to:


  • Arthur B. Metzner, Canadian-born United States chemical engineering professor and rheologist.
  • Carroll Metzner, politician and legislator for Wisconsin.
  • Charles Miller Metzner, federal judge.
  • Jordan Metzner, California Burrito Co. founder.
  • Ralph Metzner, psychologist, writer and researcher, participated in psychedelic research.
  • French

  • Olivier Metzner, criminal defense lawyer
  • German

  • Ernö Metzner, director of Polizeibericht Überfall
  • Karl-Heinz Metzner, footballer.
  • Franz Metzner, sculptor.
  • Helmut Metzner, plant physiologist.
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