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Released  October 23, 2008
Artist  Clazziquai
Robotica (2007)  Metrotronics (2008)
Release date  23 October 2008
Genre  Electronica
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Clazziquai project flea from special album metrotronics

Metrotronics is a 2008 EP from the South Korean group Clazziquai. Clazziquai teamed up with Pentavision for their Metro Project that soon packaged the minor release of DJ MAX series after DJ MAX Portable 2 named as DJ MAX Portable Clazziquai Edition for PlayStation Portable.


Clazziquai made this EP more of an experimental mini-album as noticeable with certain songs. 7 songs on Metrotronics (Electronics, Flea, Color, Night Stage, Creator, Freedom, Come to me) are included for gameplay in DJ MAX Portable Clazziquai Edition. In addition, Flea is the opening song to the game, Creator is the button mode selection music, Night Stage is the music for the song results screen, and Electronics is the Stage Clear results screen music and the Network mode select music.

Clazziquai project electronics from special album metrotronics with dj max


  1. Electronics
  2. Flea
  3. Beat in love
  4. Color
  5. Night stage
  6. Creator
  7. Beautiful stranger (sliced cheese remix)
  8. Beat in love (Yasutaka Nakata [capsule] remix)


  1. Electronics
  2. Flea
  3. Beat in love
  4. Color
  5. Night stage
  6. Creator
  7. Come to me
  8. Freedom
  9. Flea + Beat in love (M/V Making with Directors Commentary)
  10. DJMAX promotion


3Beat in Love3:36


Metrotronics Wikipedia

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