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Owned by  Media Group
Country  Indonesia
Motto  Knowledge to Elevate
Headquarters  West Jakarta, Indonesia
Slogan  Knowledge to Elevate
Owner  Media Group
Founder  Surya Paloh
MetroTV httpslh4googleusercontentcomSTh8y7E6SIAAA
Launched  November 25, 2000; 16 years ago (2000-11-25)
Picture format  SDTV (480i 4:3) PAL (576i 4:3) UHF (Digital DVB-T2)
Language  Indonesian Chinese English
Founded  25 October 1999, Jakarta, Indonesia
TV shows  Metro Hari Ini, Kick Andy, Mata Najwa, NSI, The Kitchen Musical

Metro TV is Indonesia's first 24-hour news channel, based in West Jakarta. The station was established on 25 November 2000 and now has over 53 transmission sites all over the country. It is owned by Surya Paloh who also owns the Media Indonesia daily. These two, along with other newspapers distributed in different parts of Indonesia, are part of the Media Group.


It is the only TV station to offer Mandarin news and no sinetron (soap opera) programs in Indonesia, although recently the station has also begun to broadcast entertainment and multicultural programs such as the tech show "e-Lifestyle," the satirical news and current affairs show "Republik Mimpi" (The Dream Republic), musical programming such as Musik + and Idenesia, and other special or regional programming.


MetroTV was established on October 25, 1999. initially planned test of transmission born name as MetroTV (Media Televisi Indonesia operated by Media Indonesia by President Main General Manager Director's father Surya Paloh.

MetroTV was launched on November 25, 2000 by Putra Nababan as first news anchored and first newscast. MetroTV was the first Indonesian television company to have been officially inaugurated by the President of Indonesia himself.


Metro TV has a different concept than the other stations in Indonesia. It broadcasts 24 hours a day, with programs focused on news around the world.

Metro TV broadcast three new English language programs, World News, Indonesia Now, and Talk Indonesia. It also had Chinese language programs such as Metro Xin Wen, as well as IT, documentary, and culinary programs. It has a motivation program, Mario Teguh Golden Ways. It also shows business programming, including "Economic Challenges" and Bisnis Hari Ini (Business Today).

Metro TV also has an informercial block, usually residential, but sometimes, any price of product and technology. The infomercial block usually airs on networks and stations during morning on weekends. The block has no commercial breaks. This channel is owned by Media Group, which also owns Media Indonesia and Lampung Post newspapers.

However, Metro TV was not the first Indonesian channel to be broadcast in English. RCTI became the first Indonesian channel to broadcast in English when showing Indonesia Today on November 1, 1996. This English news program was made with a specific target audience in mind: foreigners who wanted to know the latest news and more information about Indonesia. It ended in 2001. Metro TV later broadcast Metro This Morning and News Flash. Metro This Morning ended in March 2007. Metro TV was the only news channel in Indonesia until 2008, when Lativi was re-branded as TV ONE by dropping all of sitcoms as well as soap operas, focusing on news and sports programs.


  • News Media Telecast Service (2001)
  • All For The Best (2002)
  • The Election Channel (January-September 2004, 2009)
  • Excellent (October-December 2004)
  • Proud Of Dedication (2006)
  • Be Smart, Be Informed (2007-2010)
  • Knowledge To Elevate (2010-present)
  • Anniversary themes

  • Double Dribble Twin Expert (2002)
  • Triple Star, Triple Experience (2003)
  • Excellent Four (2004)
  • Moment of Hope (2005)
  • Save Our Nation (2006)
  • Leading the Change (2007)
  • Proud of the Nation (2008)
  • Cinta Negeriku (2009)
  • 10 Years for the Nation (2010)
  • Menuju Indonesia Gemilang (2011)
  • Bersama Menginspirasi Bangsa (2012)
  • Tetap Terbaik (2013)
  • Semakin Terpercaya (2014)
  • Membangun Bangsa Berdaya (2015)
  • Menggerakkan Harapan Bangsa (2016)
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