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Meri Doli Tere Angana

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Starring  see below
No. of episodes  Total 215
Country of origin  India
Created by  Tenn-Speed TV India Film Tonic Entertainment & Applause Entertainment
Directed by  Yash Chauhan Raymond Sargeant Lwandiswa Zuma Zolani Phakade Manish Jain
Opening theme  "Meri Doli Tere Angana" by Richa Sharma

Meri Doli Tere Angana was a Hindi TV serial that aired on Zee TV, based on the concept of a struggle of a woman who is totally committed and believes in herself. It's her strength that will stand by her through the difficult times.Produced by Rahul Bhat and Sharika Sharma Bhat under their home production banner Filmtonic Entertainment (Pvt) Ltd.



The serial is based on a girl named Simran, an orphan who has been brought up by her aunt and uncle. They are everything to her, therefore she believes that whatever they choose for her will be best. When Simran goes for an arranged marriage, she gets married to Ruhaan, who belongs to one of the wealthiest families in the city. However, on the day of her marriage, Ruhaan reveals that he loves someone else. This brings Simran at a crossroad where she can't go back to her house because her uncle is a heart patient, nor she can move forward with what Ruhaan said.

Like a traditional Indian girl, Simran decides to abide by her responsibilities as a wife, daughter, and daughter-in-law of a prestigious family. She decides to fight against the shadow of her husband's past and get her husband back. When Ruhaan and Simran goes to Goa for their honeymoon, Ruhaan finds out there that the girl he loves is married to someone else. Now, he tries to change and starts having feelings for Simran. After a few very predictable misunderstandings, Simran and Ruhaan are reunited. Suhana, Ruhaan's first love, returns and tries to win Ruhaan back. She plays tricks on Simran to make the family hate her but after a while, the truth is revealed. Suhana gets very angry so she pushes Simran and Ruhaan off a cliff. Unfortunately, Simran dies but Ruhaan is saved by a girl named Sargam (the new protagonist), who takes him to her home. However, Ruhaan has lost his memory and does not remember anything about Simran or his past.

Ruhaan starts living with this new family. Sargam is getting married to a man named Vedant, but starts having feelings for Ruhaan. She marries Ruhaan instead but Ruhaan is not the same since he has forgotten everything. He tells Sargam that until he doesn't regain his memory, they will not have any close, intimate husband-wife kind of relationship. One day, Ruhaan finally remembers everything when he sees his father. They take him home with Sargam, but Ruhaan still remembers Simran, knowing he won't ever forget her.


  • Priyamvada Sawant ... Simran
  • Gaurav Khanna ... Ruhaan (old Ruhaan)
  • Mansi Deshmukh ... Suhana
  • Geeta Khanna ... Ruhan's Dadi
  • Vikram Sahu ... Naresh Oberoi
  • Madhvi Gokhte ... Madhavi Oberoi
  • Akshat Gupta ... Abhishek/Abhi
  • Aditi Sajwan... Arpita - Ruhaan's married sister
  • Zeb Khan ... Inder - Arpita's husband
  • Rajshri Debnath/Seema Pandey ... Sandhya Oberoi
  • Amreen ... Ria
  • Pankaj Berry ... Rajveer Malhotra
  • Shikha Singh ... Amrapali
  • Poonam Gulati ... Shanaya
  • Jaskaran Singh ... Karan
  • Amita Nangia ... Mrs. Saxena
  • Shruti Sharma ... Sargam
  • Sachin Chabra ... Ruhaan
  • Rajiv Verma ... Avinash
  • Gufi Paintal ... Brij
  • Rahul Lohani ... Vedant
  • Gajendra Chauhan ... Mahendra
  • S M Zaheer ... Bhargav Dadaji
  • Madhuri Sanjiv... Durga
  • Crew

  • Director - Yash Chauhan, Manish Jain, Ajit Kumar
  • Director Associate - Tanveer Alam, Jitendra Kumar Singh, Sushil Jain
  • Director Creative - Dhananjay Masoom
  • References

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