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Metropolitan county  Greater Manchester
Dialling code  0161
Local time  Saturday 12:38 PM
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Weather  11°C, Wind W at 27 km/h, 96% Humidity

Mellor is a surname of Dutch origin. Variant spellings include Meller, Mellers, Melliar and Mellors.


Map of Mellor, UK

It is derived from the names of places including Mellor, Greater Manchester and Mellor, Lancashire, which in turn come from ancient words moel ‘bare’ + bre ‘hill’.

The surname also appears on early census rolls in Dorset, where it may have a separate derivation from a Flemish name.

Notable people with this surname

  • Alan Mellor (born 1959), English cricketer
  • Alwyn Mellor, American Soprano
  • Anne K. Mellor (born 1942), feminist scholar of Romantic literature
  • Chip Mellor (born 1950), President and General Counsel of the Institute for Justice
  • Corin Mellor (born 1966), English Silverware designer
  • Danie Mellor (born 1971), Australian Artist
  • David Mellor (born 1949), British former MP
  • David Mellor (1930-2009), English designer
  • David Hugh Mellor (born 1938), English philosopher
  • David Paver Mellor (1903-1980), Australian Inorganic Chemist
  • David Alan Mellor, curator and art historian
  • Frank Mellor (1854–1925), English lawyer and cricketer
  • Hugh Mellor (born 1938), English philosopher
  • Janine Mellor (born 1980), English actress
  • John Mellor, multiple people
  • Joseph William Mellor (1869-1938), English chemist
  • Julie Mellor (born 1957), DBE and English Parliamentarian
  • Karen Mellor (born 1963), winner of Miss United Kingdom
  • Kay Mellor (born 1951), English actress
  • Kenneth Paul Mellor (born 1949), Anglican Priest
  • M. Mellor (active 1880's), English footballer
  • Marq Mellor (born 1968), American field hockey player
  • Mary Mellor, English Social Scientist
  • Malcolm Mellor (1933-1991), English glaciologist and polar engineer
  • Neil Mellor (born 1982), English footballer
  • Oliver Mellor (born 1981), English Actor
  • Paul Mellor (born 1974), Australian rugby league player
  • Robert B. Mellor (born Yorkshire), British scientist
  • Salusbury Mellor (1863-1917), British Sailor and Olympian
  • Stan Mellor (born 1937), English jockey
  • Stephen J. Mellor, American computer scientist
  • Syd Mellor (born 1989), English footballer
  • Thomas Walton Mellor (1814-1902), British Cotton Manufacturer
  • Will Mellor (born 1976), British actor
  • William Mellor (1888–1942), British journalist
  • William Mellor, English footballer
  • William C. Mellor (1903–1963), American cinematographer
  • Ben Mellor (born 2000), High School Cross Country and Track Runner
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