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Melinda Ledbetter

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Other names
Melinda Wilson

Brian Wilson's wife

Melinda Ledbetter

BriMel Music

Years active

Brian Wilson (m. 1995)

On the left, Melinda Ledbetter with short blonde hair, wearing eyeglasses, a necklace, and a white suit. On the right, Elizabeth Banks with blonde hair, wearing a necklace and a blue dress.

Full Name
Melinda Kae Ledbetter

October 3, 1946 (age 77) (

Manager of Brian Wilson

Marriage location
Dash Tristan Wilson, Dakota Rose Wilson, Dylan Wilson, Daria Rose Wilson, Delanie Rae Wilson

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Brian Wilson and Melinda Ledbetter Fashion - Golden Globes 2016

Melinda Kae Ledbetter (born October 3, 1946), also known as Melinda Wilson, is an American talent manager who is the wife of singer-songwriter Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. She was formerly a model and car saleswoman. Shortly after meeting Wilson in 1986, she helped instigate the court-ordered separation between him and his therapist Eugene Landy. These events were later dramatized in Bill Pohlad's 2014 biopic Love & Mercy, in which Ledbetter is portrayed by Elizabeth Banks.


Melinda Ledbetter with short blonde hair, wearing sunglasses, a necklace, and a green dress with Brian Wilson wearing a suit and a blue tie together with Carnie Wilson wearing a necklace and a black dress.

Elizabeth Banks Saves Brian Wilson as 'Love & Mercy' Hero Melinda Ledbetter

Personal life and career

Melinda Ledbetter with short blonde hair, wearing black earrings and a white and black dress.

While working at a car dealership in 1986, Ledbetter met Brian Wilson while he was a patient under Eugene Landy's 24-hour therapy. Six months after meeting Wilson, she had reported Landy to the state's attorney general for ethical violations, but they informed her that nothing could be done without the cooperation of Wilson's family. Three years into their relationship, Landy ordered Wilson to sever ties with Ledbetter. After Landy was struck with a 1991 court order which barred him from contacting Wilson, Wilson and Ledbetter reconnected and were married on February 6, 1995. Ledbetter went on to become Wilson's manager in 1999, a job which she says is "basically negotiating, and that's what I did every single day when I sold cars."

Melinda Ledbetter with short blonde hair, wearing black earrings and a white and black dress with Brian Wilson wearing a suit and a blue tie.

The 2014 biopic Love & Mercy featured Elizabeth Banks as Ledbetter, depicting her initial involvement with Wilson and Landy. The real Ledbetter said after watching the film: "I remembered that what Landy did to Brian was even worse. You don’t get a sense of it in the movie, but it happened on a daily basis, for years.

Melinda Ledbetter with short blonde hair, wearing black earrings and a white and black dress with Brian Wilson wearing a suit, a blue tie, and black shoes on a red carpet.

In 2015, Wilson credited Ledbetter for assisting with some of the production of his album No Pier Pressure.


In the mid 1990s, Wilson collaborated with multi-instrumentalist Andy Paley on tracks earmarked for a potential Beach Boys comeback album. In 1998, the magazine Uncut wrote that Brian was "coerced away from Andy Paley (by wife Melinda, according to observers), toward [producer] Joe Thomas." Rolling Stone's Jason Fine reported: "She calls the Paley–Wilson material 'great therapy' but says his vocals are not up to par and believes the production isn't good enough to be released commercially. As is often the case with Brian's career, Brian doesn't seem to be the one calling the shots." In 1999, a suit was filed against Thomas, seeking damages and a declaration which freed Wilson to work on his next album without involvement from Thomas. Thomas reciprocated with a suit citing that Ledbetter "schemed against and manipulated" him and Brian. The case was settled out of court.

According to Beach Boy Mike Love, the group's 50th anniversary reunion tour involving all original surviving members was ended prematurely partly due to interference from Ledbetter. He expressed disappointment that he was never allowed to collaborate with Wilson for the album That's Why God Made the Radio, as had been promised, "I didn't ask Brian because I knew he wasn't in control. I did ask Melinda about my agreement, and she told me, 'Brian doesn’t write that way anymore.' Actually, he does write that way, if he is given the chance, but there was no point in arguing." Love also recalls that during the performances, she attempted to install five autotune units on each of the band members' microphones. This was the beginning of numerous backstage quarrels between Love and Melinda, ending with his stipulation that she be banned from rehearsals until the tour was over.


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