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Meixian District

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Country  China
Time zone  China Standard (UTC+8)
Local time  Saturday 1:00 PM
Prefecture-level city  Meizhou
Area  2,755 km²
Province  Guangdong Province
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Website  http://www.gdmx.gov.cn/
Weather  23°C, Wind S at 6 km/h, 73% Humidity
Points of interest  Ye Jianying Memorial, Bridge Xicun, Nimbus Temple Tourism, Meixian People's Square, Ye Jianying Marshal

Meixian (simplified Chinese: 梅县; traditional Chinese: 梅縣; pinyin: méi xiàn; literally: "Plum County"), formerly Meihsien, is a district of Meizhou City, in northeastern Guangdong Province, China.


Map of Meixian, Meizhou, Guangdong, China


Meixian almost completely surrounds Meizhou's central urban Meijiang District. This is due to the old urban core of Meixian becoming separated from the bulk of the county in the territorial reorganisations following the 1949 establishment of the People's Republic of China, when it was given equal status.

Administrative divisions

Meixian has administrative jurisdiction over one subdistrict and 18 towns.

  • Xincheng (Chinese: 新城街道)
  • Towns
  • Chendong (城东镇)
  • Shisan (石扇镇)
  • Meixi (梅西镇)
  • Daping (大坪镇)
  • Shikeng (石坑镇)
  • Shuiche (水车镇)
  • Meinan (梅南镇)
  • Bincun (丙村镇)
  • Baidu (白渡镇)
  • Songyuan (松源镇)
  • Longwen (隆文镇)
  • Taoyao (桃尧镇)
  • Shejiang (畲江镇)
  • Yanyang (雁洋镇)
  • Songkou (松口镇)
  • Nankou (南口镇)
  • Chengjiang (程江镇)
  • Fuda (扶大镇)
  • Culture

    With a majority Hakka population, Meixian, along with Dabu County, is known as the home of Standard Hakka.


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