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Medrar for contemporary art

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Founding Date  2005
Founders  Mohamed Allam, Dia Hamed
Board of Directors  Ahmed Sabry, Dia Hamed, Diana Calvo, Mai Elwakil, Mohamed Abdelkarim, Nagla Samir

Medrar for Contemporary Art is based in Cairo, Egypt. This art exhibit was created in 2005, as a non-profit collective. It focuses on young Arabic talent in the visual arts and often organizes events, workshops and festivals to promote the production of art in Egypt.


Medrar sets the stage for artists seeking to have extensive conversations and collaborations with their peers to develop their purpose as active contemporary artists thus creating a more dynamic and inspired movement.

By tapping into this existing collective intelligence, Medrar encourages cooperation, over competition, among artists, locally and internationally, as well as between institutions, critics and technologists to engage and experiment in this rich playground of media arts.

This non-profit collective, running since 2005, achieves this through: hosting festivals, workshops and events to stimulate the scene; providing a collaborative space for media artists; documenting and disseminating audio-visual content on the contemporary art movement in Egypt.

Mission and Objectives

The goals of Medrar for Contemporary Art is to engage youth and new artists in Egypt. One of the main objectives is horizontal growth within the contemporary art world and allows artists to have conversations and gain exposure in the art scene. To accomplish this mission the organization creates workshops, festivals, and events. They also promote cultural exchanges between Egypt and other countries as well a creating a space for dialogue between artists.


In 2012, Medrar moved to Garden City, Cairo with three rooms for workshops, exhibitions and public forums for art. Mawred Al-Thaqafy's Abbara Program allowed for the expansion. They have exhibits and projects are located at The Townhouse Gallery or the Goethe Institute.

Ongoing Projects

The Medrar host a variety of events in addition to three main ongoing projects.

Medrar TV

MedrarTV releases content in both Arabic and English, Medrar TV is a web based channel that covers the art scene in Egypt as well as other Arab countries. This channel covers festivals, exhibition openings, performances, concerts, workshops, and interviews.

Cairo Video Festival for Video Art & Experimental Films The Cairo Video Festival acts a source of video art and experimental art for Egyptian audiences. It offers a space for conversations among video-artists, curators, and the public. The art pieces are selected for authenticity, quality of work, and experimental value by an international competition.

Open Lab Egypt proposes a Digi-Tronic way of producing art and invites audiences to collaborate and become a part of the creative process.


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