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Medical Household

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The Medical Household is the medical part of the Royal Household of the Sovereign of the United Kingdom.


It mainly comprises a range of Physicians and Surgeons to the Sovereign and to the Royal Household. None have more than a nominal or occasional role, although the Apothecaries to the Household at Windsor and London hold daily surgeries, and other apothecaries receive smaller salaries and all others receive only an honorarium.

The Coroner to the King/Queen's household investigates deaths within royal residences, but also conducted the inquiry into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

There are currently two Physicians to the Queen, a Serjeant Surgeon, a Surgeon to the Queen, Surgeon Oculist to the Queen, Surgeon Gynaecologist to the Queen, Surgeon Dentist to the Queen, Orthopaedic Surgeon to the Queen, Physician to the Household, Surgeon to the Household, Surgeon Oculist to the Household, Apothecary to the Queen, Apothecary to the Household at Windsor, Apothecary to the Household, Apothecary to the Household at Sandringham, Coroner of the Queen's Household.

A Medical Officer to the Queen accompanies Her Majesty on overseas tour. He is normally a senior Royal Navy surgeon.

Honorary positions

Additionally, honorary physicians and surgeons are appointed from the armed forces. These are the Queen's Honorary Surgeons, Queen's Honorary Dental Surgeons, Queen's Honorary Physicians, Queen's Honorary Nursing Sisters, Queen's Honorary Physicians (Civil).

List of Heads of the Medical Household

The Head of the Medical Household was first appointed in 1973.

  • 1973–1981: Sir Richard Bayliss, KCVO MD FRCP MRCS
  • 1981–1989: Sir John Batten, KCVO MD FRCP
  • 1989–1993: Sir Anthony Dawson, KCVO MD FRCP
  • 1993–2005: Sir Richard Thompson, KCVO DM PRCP
  • 2005-2014: Professor Sir John Cunningham, KCVO DM FRCP
  • 2014-present: Professor Huw Thomas
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