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MediaCurves.com is a website that hosts communications research studies to report on Americans’ perceptions of popular and controversial media events, broadcasts and advertisements. The site was developed by HCD Research, Inc. as a venue to showcase innovations in media research.


HCD Research is a marketing and communications research company that was founded 1991, and currently employs approximately 40 people.


The MediaCurves.com website was launched in 2007, as a follow-up site to Read My Lipz.com, a website HCD Research used to test political advertisements during the 2004 Presidential Election. The goal of Mediacurves.com was to test and report America’s perceptions of popular and controversial media events.

MediaCurves.com is best known for testing political advertisements and the Super Bowl commercials, an initiative that began in 2007. In 2008, MediaCurves.com received national and regional media coverage for testing campaign ads during 2008 Presidential Election.

Although Mediacurves.com is prominently known for testing political advertisements and Super Bowl ads, it also conducts studies on a broad range of cultural, entertainment, religious and health care related issues.

“Curves” Technology

MediaCurves’ signature contribution to the field of communications research is a patent-pending, on-line dial testing “Curves” technology. While participants view on-line video content, they move the mouse to the left to indicate low levels of interest and to the right to indicate high interest. The same procedure can be used to measure the content’s believability or agreement levels, among other parameters.

The responses are recorded in quarter-second intervals, and the mean of all responses is reported in the form of curves, which indicate levels of believability, interest or agreement for different market segments. The study results can also be cross-tabulated to analyze the emotional differences in video content by political party, race, gender, age and other demographics.


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