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Me and My Girl (TV series)

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No. of series

Final episode date
4 November 1988

Number of episodes


Country of origin
United Kingdom

First episode date
31 August 1984


Program creator
Me and My Girl (TV series) httpssmediacacheak0pinimgcom564x01d567

Created by
Keith LeonardJohn Kane

Richard O'SullivanJoanne RidleyTim Brooke-TaylorLeni Harper

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Me and My Girl is a 1980s British television situation comedy, starring Richard O'Sullivan, which centred on the challenges faced by a widower raising his adolescent daughter. It was broadcast on ITV between 1984 and 1988.


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Me and My Girl (TV series) Me and My Girl TV series Wikipedia

Created by Keith Leonard and John Kane, the show was made by London Weekend Television for ITV from 1984 to 1988. It starred Richard O'Sullivan as Simon Harrap and Joanne Ridley as Samantha. Simon runs an advertising agency called Eyecatchers and the series centres on his relationship with his daughter, his business partner Derek Yates played by Tim Brooke-Taylor and a string of romantic liaisons. Simon's mother-in-law Nell would frequently interfere in his attempts to raise Samantha alone, but usually had her granddaughter's best interests at heart.

Other writers included; Bernard McKenna who also served as script editor, Colin Bostock-Smith, Mike Walling and Ian Whitham.

The theme song was written and performed by Peter Skellern.

Main cast

Me and My Girl (TV series) Me amp My Girl starring Richard O39Sullivan oude films Pinterest

  • Simon Harrap (Richard O'Sullivan) – Simon is a middle aged widower as his wife Ruth died about ten years before the series began. He has been bringing up his daughter Samantha since then and struggles to help her as she develops through her teenage years. He is also the Artistic Director of Eyecatchers, a promotions agency based in London.
  • Samantha "Sam" Harrap (Joanne Ridley) – Sam is the only daughter of Simon and is a teenager. Her mother died when she was very young and so she doesn't remember her. She seeks the help of the women around her as she develops as a teenager.
  • Nell Cresset (Joan Sanderson) – Nell is Simon's mother-in-law and Samantha's grandmother. She is a matriarchal figure and intimidates a lot of men. She has also invested heavily in Eyecatchers and is meant to be a sleeping partner but likes to interfere with the running of the business. Despite this she is very kind, cares about her son-in-law a lot and provides the maternal advice Sam needs during her teenage years.
  • Derek Yates (Tim Brooke-Taylor) – Derek is the Managing Partner of Eyecatchers and one of Simon's oldest friends. He is married to Muriel (who is never seen) and has a large and unknown number of children. He is portrayed as incompetent as he is henpecked by Muriel.
  • Madeleine "Maddie" Dunnock (Leni Harper) – Maddie is the Harrap's first housekeeper. She is Scottish in origin.
  • Isobel McClusky (Sandra Clarke) – Isobel is the Harrap's second housekeeper. Like her predecessor she is Scottish in origin. She is fiercely religious often going to confession.
  • Liz (Joanne Campbell) – Liz is Eyecathcers secretary and an aspiring actress. She works part-time so that she can attend auditions. She is a vivacious character.
  • Episode list

    All episodes listed with their original ITV broadcast date.


    Me and My Girl (TV series) Me and My Girl Series 6 Episode 6 Part 1 YouTube

    As was common at the time most of the programme was shot in studio sets. Most of the action revolves around the locations of the Harrap family home and Eyecatchers offices. These scenes were filmed at The London Studios which were owned by London Weekend Television at the time. Outdoor scenes were filmed in London. The Harrap's family home was located in Little Venice, London and there are scenes filmed by the canal and the junction of Blomfield Road and Westbourne Terrace Road. The Eyecatchers office is in Covent Garden and there are scenes filmed in this area.

    The opening sequence was filmed at Three Cliffs Bay, Gower.

    DVD release

    Network has aspirations to release all six series of the show on DVD.

    Me and My Girl (TV series) Me and My Girl Series 5 Episode 1 Part 1 YouTube


    Me and My Girl (TV series) Wikipedia

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