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64.4 km²

Zip code

48,115 (2010)

87 m

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Area codes 571 and 703

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West McLean, Virginia, Salona Village

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McLean, McClean, McLaine, or McClain ( listen ; Scottish Gaelic: Mac Gill-Eain, Irish: Mac Ghoilla Eoin) is a Gaelic surname. It is said to be a Sept of the Ua Brolchainn, a branch of the Cenel Eoghain. Notable people with the surname include:


Map of McLean, VA, USA

  • Aaron McLean, English professional footballer
  • Adam McLean, authority on alchemical texts and symbolism
  • A. J. McLean (born 1978), American musician and singer
  • Al McLean (born 1937), Canadian politician from Ontario
  • Allan McLean (Australian politician) (1840–1911), Premier of Victoria 1899-1900, Gippsland's first Federal representative 1901-1906
  • Allan McLean (outlaw) (1855–1881), Canadian outlaw and son of Donald McLean, fur trader and explorer
  • Andrea McLean, British weather forecaster and television personality
  • Angela McLean (biologist), University of Oxford Professor of Mathematical Biology
  • Angela McLean, Lieutenant-Governor of Montana (2014- )
  • Archibald McLean (disambiguation), various
  • Bethany McLean, business writer for Vanity Fair magazine; formerly Fortune magazine; well known for her work in uncovering the Enron scandal
  • Bill McLean (1918-1996), Australian soldier and rugby union player, Wallabies captain
  • Bitty McLean, British/Jamaican reggae singer
  • Bruce McLean, Scottish artist
  • Bryan McLean (1946–1998), American rock musician
  • Daniel McLean (disambiguation), various
  • David McLean (disambiguation), various
  • Don McLean (born 1945), American singer and songwriter
  • Donald McLean (New Zealand politician) (1820–1877), New Zealand politician and government official
  • Donald McLean (fur trader) (1805–1864), Hudson's Bay Company fur trader and explorer, father of outlaw Allan McLean
  • Donald McLean (pastoralist) (1780–1855) pioneer wheat farmer of South Australia
  • Doug McLean, Jr. (1912–1961), Australian rugby union and rugby league player
  • Doug McLean, Sr. (1880–1947), Australian rugby union and rugby league player
  • David McLean (businessman) (born 1938), founder of the McLean Group of Companies
  • Edward Beale McLean (1889–1941), American newspaper publisher, Washington Post
  • Ernest McLean (1926–2012), American R&B guitarist
  • Evalyn Walsh McLean (1886–1947), American Washington socialite, wife of Edward Beale McLean
  • George F. McLean (born 1929), American philosopher
  • George P. McLean (1857–1932), American politician
  • Gloria Hatrick McLean (1918–1994), wife of American actor Jimmy Stewart
  • G. S. McLean, founder and long time past President of Full Gospel Bible Institute (now Eston College), pastor, lecturer and writer
  • Ian McLean (1929–1965), Australian rules footballer
  • Ian McLean (politician) (born 1934), New Zealand politician
  • Jamel McLean (born 1988), American basketball player
  • John McLean (1785–1861), American politician and jurist from Ohio
  • Jackie McLean (1931–2006), American jazz musician
  • James "Buddy" McLean, Irish-American gangster
  • James Hamilton McLean (1936, U.S.A.), American malacologist
  • Jason C. McLean (born 1977), Canadian stage actor
  • Jim McLean (born 1937), Scottish football player and manager
  • Jock McLean (1908–1988), Scottish footballer
  • John McLean (1785–1861), American politician and jurist from Ohio
  • John McLean (Illinois politician) (1791–1830), American politician from Illinois
  • Kirk McLean (born 1966), Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Lachlan McLean (born 1968), American radio broadcaster
  • Lenny McLean a.k.a. “Guv'nor” (1949–1998), English weightlifter and boxer
  • Lou McLean (born 1986) Scottish Singer -Songwriter
  • Luke McLean (born 1987), Australian-born Italian rugby union player
  • Malcom McLean (1914–2001), inventor of containerized shipping
  • McLean (singer) (born 1980), Anthony McLean a British singer previously known as Digga.
  • McLean Stevenson (1929–1996), American actor
  • Margaret McLean (1845–1923), Australian women's rights advocate
  • Michelle McLean (contemporary), Namibian woman crowned Miss Universe in 1992
  • Motto McLean (born 1925), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Nixon McLean (born 1973), West Indian cricketer
  • Paul McLean (rugby union) (born 1953), Australian rugby union player and rugby union administrator
  • Ray (Scooter) McLean, head coach of the Green Bay Packers football team in 1958
  • Roderick McLean (19th century), Scottish poet who attempted to assassinate Queen Victoria
  • Samuel McLean (U.S. Consul), U.S. Consul for Trinidad de Cuba; 1849–1853, born 1797 in Alexandria, Virginia
  • Samuel McLean (congressman), Congressman for Montana, born 1826 in Summit Hill, Pennsylvania
  • Samuel McLean (politician), politician of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Sara McLean, former Miss Scotland 2011 runner-up and Big Brother 2012 housemate
  • Stewart McLean (1913–1996), Canadian politician from Manitoba
  • Stuart McLean (1948–2017), Canadian radio broadcaster, author, and academic
  • Tim McLean (1986–2008), Canadian murder victim
  • Tommy McLean (born 1947), Scottish football player and manager
  • Walter McLean (born 1936), Canadian clergyman and politician from British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario
  • Wilmer McLean (1814-1882), American farmer in whose house the American Civil war ended in 1865
  • An hd video tour of mclean virginia


  • Alex McLean (born 1947), American photographic artist
  • Alick Maclean (1872–1936), English composer
  • Alistair MacLean (1922–1987), Scottish novelist
  • Allan Maclean of Torloisk, officer in the British Army responsible for Canada not taken over by rebels during the American War of Independence
  • Alejandro Maclean, Spanish film producer and aerobatics pilot
  • Alison Maclean, Canadian film director of music videos
  • Angus MacLean (1915–2000), Canadian politician, former Premier of Prince Edward Island
  • Archer Maclean (contemporary), British computer games programmer
  • Archibald MacLean, British Army and Royal Air Force officer
  • Bonnie MacLean, American artist
  • Brett MacLean (born 1988), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Bryan MacLean (1946–1998), American singer, guitarist and songwriter
  • Calum Maclean (1915–1960), Scottish folklorist, collector, ethnographer and author
  • Charles Hector Fitzroy Maclean of Duart, Baron Maclean (1916–1990), Scottish nobleman, Lord Chamberlain to Queen Elizabeth II 1971–1984
  • Craig MacLean (born 1971), Scottish track cyclist
  • David Maclean (born 1953), English politician from Penrith and The Border
  • Don Maclean (born 1944), British comedian and television host
  • Don MacLean (basketball) (born 1970), American basketball player and broadcaster
  • Sir Donald Maclean (British politician) (1864–1932), English politician
  • Donald Duart Maclean (1913–1983), British intelligence agent and spy for the Soviet Union during WWII
  • Doug MacLean (born 1954), Canadian sportscaster and former head coach and general manager
  • Dougie MacLean (born 1954), Scottish singer-songwriter
  • Douglas MacLean (1890–1967), American silent motion picture actor, producer, and writer
  • Every Maclean (fl. 1870s), member of the New Zealand Legislative Council
  • Sir Fitzroy Maclean, 1st Baronet (1911–1996), Scottish diplomat, adventurer, writer, and politician
  • Harry Aubrey de Maclean (1848–1920), (Kaïd, General Sir), soldier and instructor to the Moroccan army
  • Hector MacLean (disambiguation)
  • Hector Lachlan Stewart MacLean (1871–1897), Scottish recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • James Mackenzie Maclean (1835-1906), Welsh politician
  • Jill MacLean (born 1941), English-Canadian author
  • John Duncan MacLean (1873–1948), Canadian politician, Premier of British Columbia 1927–1928
  • John Maclean MA (1879–1923), Scottish politician
  • John MacLean (ice hockey) (born 1964), Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • John Norman Maclean (contemporary), American author
  • The Juan MacLean, American electronic musician
  • Katherine MacLean (born 1925), American science fiction author
  • Kenny MacLean (1956–2008), Scottish-Canadian musician
  • Malcolm Alexander MacLean (1842–1895), Canadian politician, Mayor of Vancouver, BC 1886–1887
  • MacLean & MacLean, a comedy/parody duo in Canada
  • Natalie MacLean, Canadian wine writer
  • Neil Maclean (politician) (1875–1953), Scottish politician
  • Norman Maclean (1902–1990), American novelist and academic
  • Paul MacLean (ice hockey) (born 1958), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Paul D. MacLean (1913–2007), American physician and brain scientist
  • Ranald MacLean (born 1938), Scottish judge
  • Robert MacLean (born 1970), American Air Force, Border Patrol, and Federal Air Marshal Service veteran
  • Rob MacLean (born 1958), Scottish television presenter, football commentator and sports writer
  • Ronald MacLean Abaroa (born 1949), Bolivian politician
  • Ron MacLean (born 1960), Canadian sportscaster
  • Sorley MacLean (1911–1996), Scottish Scots Gaelic poet
  • Steven MacLean (disambiguation), various
  • Steven MacLean (astronaut) (born 1954), Canadian astronaut
  • Steve MacLean (footballer) (born 1982), Scottish footballer currently playing for Plymouth Argyle
  • Tara MacLean (born 1973), Canadian singer and songwriter
  • Vince MacLean (born 1944), Canadian politician and former Speaker of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly
  • Mac Lane

  • Saunders Mac Lane, American mathematician and co-founder of category theory
  • Fictional characters

  • Chris McLean, host of the Total Drama series
  • Lord Maclean, a character in "The Revenge of Hamish", a poem by Sydney Lanier
  • Will McLean, narrator in the 1980 novel The Lords of Discipline by Pat Conroy
  • Piper McLean, a character in Rick Riordan's The Heroes of Olympus series
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