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McGrath or MacGrath derives from the Irish surname Mac Craith and is occasionally noted with a space: e.g. Mark Mc Grath. It is typically pronounced identically to the related surname McGraw in English-speaking countries. In Australia and New Zealand it is pronounced MuhGrah.


Notable people with the surname include:


  • Alister McGrath (born 1953), Anglican theologian
  • Desmond McGrath, Canadian politician and Catholic priest
  • Patrick Joseph McGrath (born 1945), Roman Catholic Bishop of San Jose, California
  • Music

  • Eamon McGrath (born 1988), Canadian indie rock musician
  • Gunner McGrath (born 1978), American vocalist and guitarist
  • Mark McGrath (born 1968), American rock vocalist
  • Literature

  • Campbell McGrath, U.S. poet
  • Harold MacGrath (1871–1932), U.S. novelist and screenwriter
  • Patrick McGrath (novelist) (born 1950), British novelist
  • Seán mac Ruaidhrí Mac Craith (fl. 14th century), author of Caithréim Thoirdhealbhaigh
  • Thomas McGrath (poet) (1916–1990), U.S. poet and screenwriter
  • Wendy McGrath, Canadian poet and novelist
  • Actors, directors and screenwriters

  • Alethea McGrath, Australian actress
  • Bob McGrath, Sesame Street actor
  • Derek McGrath (born 1951), Canadian actor
  • Douglas McGrath (born 1958), American screenwriter, director and actor
  • Frank McGrath (actor) (1903–1967), U.S. actor
  • Joseph McGrath (film director) (born 1930), Scottish film director
  • Judith McGrath (born 1942), Australian actress
  • Katie McGrath (born 1983), Irish actress
  • Sports

  • Glenn McGrath (born 1970), Australian former cricketer
  • John McGrath (English footballer) (1938–1998), English footballer and football manager
  • Paul McGrath (footballer) (born 1959), Irish former footballer
  • Robbie McGrath (born 1951), former Irish rugby union international
  • Tim McGrath (born 1970), former Australian rules footballer
  • Sean McGrath (American football) (born 1987), Tight End
  • Jeremy McGrath (born 1971), American Motocross/Supercross champion
  • Politics

  • Charles McGrath (1872–1934), Australian politician
  • J. Howard McGrath (1903–1966), U.S. politician
  • James McGrath (Australian politician) (born 1974), Australian senator
  • James McGrath (Canadian politician) (born 1932), Canadian politician
  • Joseph McGrath (Irish politician) (1887–1966), Irish politician
  • Michael A. McGrath (born 1942), American politician
  • Patrick McGrath (Irish politician) (died 1956), Irish politician
  • Paul McGrath (politician) (born 1948), Irish politician and Fine Gael T
  • Others

  • Kevin McGrath (financier)
  • Patrick McGrath (psychologist), Canadian psychologist
  • Rae McGrath (born 1947), British campaigner against landmines
  • Raymond McGrath (1903–1977), British Australian architect
  • Rory McGrath (born 1956), British comedian
  • Tom McGrath (media executive) (born 1956), U.S. media expert
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