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Mazzanti is a family name of Italian origin. Like many similar family names (Mazza, Mazzacane, Mazzagalli, Mazzapica, or Mazzamici) the name is derived from the Italian word "mazza", meaning mace, bat, staff, or hammer. Thus, it is an example of an occupational surname and was likely adopted by workers who used a staff or a hammer in their profession, such as a toolmaker or a soldier.

The name Mazzanti is found in all parts of Italy, with large concentrations in Emilia-Romagna (especially near Rimini) and Tuscany (near Florence and Lucca). The name was established in the United States during the massive waves of Italian immigration in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It can be found in concentration in western Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and northern California.

Persons with Mazzanti Surname

  • Bartolomeo Mazzanti
  • Enrico Mazzanti
  • Giancarlo Mazzanti is a prominent Colombian architect.
  • Ludovico Mazzanti (Orvieto, 1686 – Viterbo, 1775)
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