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Mayandi Kudumbathar

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Rasu Madhuravan


Mayandi Kudumbathar Full Movie Story Dialogue Audio Jukebox - YouTube
Release date
5 June 2009 (2009-06-05)

Nellu (2010 film), Dhaya (film), Pandi (film)

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Mayandi Kudumbathar (English: Mayandi's family) is a 2009 Indian Tamil film/family drama written and directed by Rasu Madhuravan , who directed Poomagal Oorvalam and Paandi previously. Starring 10 Tamil film directors, including Manivannan, Seeman, Tarun Gopi and Ponvannan, in lead and supporting roles. The film, scored by Sabesh-Murali and filmed by Balabharani, was released on 5 June 2009, going on to become successful at the box office.


No food for the younger brother movie scene mayandi kudumbathar


The movie is set in the backdrop of a village near Usilampatti, in Madurai district. Mayandi (Manivannan) and Virumandi (GM Kumar) are siblings with disputes over settling their properties. Mayandi insists giving a portion of their ancestral properties to their step sister for which Virumandi does not agree. This creates enmity in Virumandi and his sons against Mayandi and his family.

Mayandi has four sons(Thavasi (Ponvannan), Virumandi (Seeman), Cheenisamy (KP Jagannath) and Paraman (Tarun Gope)) and one daughter (Mayakka (Deepa)). All the sons except Paraman get married and they live as a joint family. Paraman falls in love with his schoolmate Poongodi (Poongodi). Paraman gets admission in to engineering and Mayandi sells a portion of his land to pay fees for Paraman. This angers the wives of Thavasi and Virumandi. They keep insisting on partitioning the properties between four sons thinking that Mayandi is spending more for the education of Paraman while the other three sons are not educated properly. But Paraman’s brothers are so affectionate towards him and they prefer staying together. Suddenly Mayandi passes away due to electric shock when he steps over a wire unknowingly. Now the wives of Thavasi and Virumandi again keep insisting on property partition. And the properties get partitioned into three leaving Paraman as his portion was already sold by Mayandi to pay the college fees.

Paraman could not bear his father’s death and Poongodi shows affection to Paraman. Poongodi gets admission into Madras Medical College and she leaves to Chennai for education. But she keeps talking to Paraman regularly in phone. Paraman continues his engineering course while he is considered as a burden by his sisters in law. However, his brothers take care of him. One day, Thavasi’s wife falls sick and she needs blood urgently. As it is rare group, it becomes difficult. But Paraman informs this to his friends in college and his friends come for rescue. Thavasi’s wife is saved and she realizes her mistake and feels bad for ill-treating Paraman despite which he helped her in a timely manner.

Paraman secures a job through campus placement and his living condition improves. One day, he gets shocked to see Poongodi in a bus stop along with her husband and a baby. Paraman cries thinking that Poongodi has betrayed him. But Poongodi tells a flashback that her husband is her relative who lost his leg in an accident on the day of marriage following which the marriage gets cancelled. Now her parents request Poongodi to marry the groom as it would be an insult for the entire family due to a cancelled marriage. Poongodi though not interested accepts for the sake of her family’ s wishes. But still she kept calling Paraman over phone in the usual manner so that he will not get broken and instead will concentrate on studies. Knowing the truth, Paraman feels happy about Poongodi’s kind heart and her sacrifice for the welfare of her family.

Finally Paraman meets Virumandi and cries to him to lead a joint life along with everyone and also wins the heart of Virumandi and his sons also and gets married to his aunt's daughter.


  • Manivannan as Mayandi
  • Ponvannan as Thavasi Mayandi (Mayandi's son)
  • Seeman as Virumandi Mayandi (Mayandi's son)
  • K. P. Jagannath as Cheenichamy Mayandi (Mayandi's son)
  • Tarun Gopi as Paraman Mayandi (Mayandi's son)
  • G. M. Kumar as Virumandi (Mayandi's brother)
  • Ravi Mariya as Chokkan Virumandi (Virumandi's son)
  • Nandha Periyasamy as Chinnu Virumandi (Virumandi's son)
  • Singampuli as Mayandi Virumandi (Virumandi's mentally challenged son)
  • Raj Kapoor as Sonakkaruppu (Mayandi's son-in-law & Money lender)
  • Poongodi as Poongodi
  • Deepa as Mayakka Sonakkarupu
  • Poovitha as Thavamani Thavasi
  • Kaniya as Pavunu Virumandi
  • S. Priya as Azhagamma
  • Hema as Dhanam Cheenichamy
  • Thamizharasi as Pecchi
  • Mayilsamy
  • Ilavarasu
  • Soundtrack

    Soundtrack was composed by Sabesh-Murali and lyrics written by Na. Muthukumar, Nandalala, Eknath, Tamilamutham, Kalaikumar & Seeman.

  • Mudhal Mazhaye - Balram, Saindhavi
  • Pesama Pesama - Seeman
  • Poottu Siricha - Krishnaraj, Sabesh
  • Onna Thangave - Vijay Yesudas
  • Kalavaniye - Ranjith, Madhumitha
  • Poo Mudhal - Prasanna
  • Reception

    Rediff wrote "Sometimes, there's a strong whiff of Vikaraman's screenplay, especially when Sabesh-Murali pop in with their theme song, at others, you're reminded very strongly of the sentimental sagas of the 60s, when every character had miles of dialogue to cover, and spoke reams about love, loyalty, duty and country". Behindwoods wrote "Mayandi Kudumbathar is not probably for those who are city-bred. But if you appreciate the so-called ‘family movies’ that could be watched with families and do not mind a heavy dose of tearjerker sentiment, then you might just like this one."


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