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Matteo Falcone

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Directed by  Tofig Taghizade
Release date  1960
Initial release  1960
Screenplay  Tofiq Tağızadə
Cinematography  Rasim Ojagov
Music by  Gara Garayev
Running time  19 minutes
Director  Tofiq Tağızadə
Music director  Gara Garayev
Cast  Jeyhun Mirzayev
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Screenplay by  N. German, Tofig Taghizade
Starring  Nodar Shashigoglu Tamilla Aghamirova Jeyhun Mirzayev
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Matteo Falcone (Azerbaijani: Matteo Falkone) is an Azerbaijani short drama film based on Prosper Merimée's like-named story from 1829.



Matteo Falcone is a successful Corsican, who lives with his wife Giuseppa and 10-year-old son Fortunato. One day he leaves home with Giuseppa, leaving Fortunato alone.

Suddenly, a wounded bandit chased by soldiers arrives and introduces himself as Gianetto Sanpiero. He expects asylum in Matteo Falcone`s house. Fortunato at first declines to hide Gianetto, but when the bandit offers a piece of silver, the boy conceals him beneath the hay.

Soldiers led by sergeant Gamba, arrive and wants to know whether Fortunato has seen a man on the trail. Fortunato evades Gamba’s questions, and the sergeant suspects that the boy is in complicity with Gianetto. He threatens to beat Fortunato, but the boy only replies that he is Matteo Falcone’s son, and the sergeant understands that he dare not harm Fortunato for fear of angering the father. The soldiers search the property but find nothing. Finally, Gamba attempts to bribe Fortunato with a shiny new watch.

As Gamba speaks he brings the watch closer and closer until it is almost touching Fortunato’s pale cheek. The child’s face clearly shows the struggle between cupidity and the claims of hospitality that is raging within him. The temptation is too great.

Fortunato accepts the bribe and silently nods in the direction of the haystack. The soldiers discover Gianetto, who curses the boy. Fortunato throws the silver back at Gianetto.

On their way back Matteo and Giuseppa encounter Gamba, who tells him everything. Realizing what has happened, Matteo hears the captured Gianetto Sanpiero`s words "Betrayer`s father".

At home, Matteo sees Fortunato play with the new watch and says there has never been a betrayer in his family. After these words he takes his boy into the high country.

As Matteo and Fortunato climb into the mountains, Giuseppa prays inside the house to an icon of the Virgin Mary. In a ravine, Matteo commands Fortunato to kneel and say his prayers. When he finishes praying, Fortunato begs for mercy, but Matteo gives none. He raises his rifle and shoots.


  • Nodar Shashigoglu as Matteo Falcone
  • Tamilla Ağamirova as Giuseppa
  • Jeyhun Mirzayev as Fortunato
  • Anatoly Falkovich as Gamba
  • Tofig Taghizade as Gianetto Sanpiero
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