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Matt Schulz

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Name  Matt Schulz
Role  Drummer
Matt Schulz (drummer) istanbulcymbalscomuploadartists151mattsquare
Music groups  Holy Fuck, Enon, The Boggs
People also search for  Graham Walsh, John Schmersal
Albums  Stitches, Believo!, LP, Grass Geysers, Latin

Matt schulz with aperiodic cakeshop 9 25 12

Matt Schulz is an American drummer who was in the past a member of Enon, Lab Partners, Obits and Let's Crash, and is currently active as a member of Holy Fuck, COVERBAND, SAVAK, Lake Ruth, and Aperiodic.


Matt Schulz istanbulcymbalscomuploadartists151mattsquare

Schulz also participated as one of the 77 drummers (No.75 in the list) in the 77 Boadrum performance of the Boredoms. He has also played with School of Seven Bells, Man Forever, The Boggs, Crocodiles, Les Savy Fav, 178 Product, Tweens, Summer Heart, Fred Armisen, and The New Lines.

Matt schulz rocks it


  • Cigarhead/Honeyburn split 7', Lo-Fi Recordings (1995)
  • Cigarhead/Morsel split 7', Simple Solution (1995)
  • Honeyburn '5th Of July' b/w 'A Little Less' 7', Trout (1996)
  • Aperiodic 'Cassette' (1997)
  • Aperiodic 'Throws Like A Girl' Track On Comp. CD, Rejected Art (1998)
  • Let's Crash 7', Pixeldefense, ltd. (1999)
  • Lab Partners CD, Theory Recordings (1999)
  • John Stuart Mill 'Now And Forever', 'Eternal Story' (drums), Seethru Broadcasting (1999)
  • Let's Crash 'Stand Up And Relax' CD, Pixeldefense, ltd. (2000)
  • Lab Partners 'Turn It On' CD, Theory Recordings (2000)
  • Enon 'Listen (While You Talk) 7', Self-Starter Foundation (2000)
  • Enon 'The Nightmare Of Atomic Men' b/w 'Pollen Lane' 7', Sub Pop Single Of The Month (2001)
  • Enon 'Raisin Heart' b/w 'Marbles Explode' 7', Friction Goods (2001)
  • Enon 7', Do-Tell Records (2002)
  • Enon 'High Society' LP/CD, Touch and Go (2002)
  • Enon 'Drowning Appointments' b/w 'Perfect Draft' 7', frenchkiss (2002)
  • Enon 'In This City' EP, Touch and Go (2003)
  • Enon 'Evidence' b/w 'Grain Of Assault' 7', Troubleman Unlimited (2003)
  • Enon/Bloodthirsty Lovers 'Because Of You' b/w '2000 Light Years' split 7', ShingleStreet (2003)
  • Enon 'Starcastic' b/w 'Birdnest' 7', Touch and Go (2003)
  • Enon 'Hocus Pocus' LP/CD, Touch and Go (2003)
  • Enon 'Lost Marbles & Exploded Evidence' CD/DVD, Touch and Go (2005)
  • Thunderbirds Are Now! 'Why We War' (Percussion), frenchkiss (2006)
  • Enon 'Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds' LP/CD, Touch and Go (2007)
  • Les Savy Fav 'The Year Before The Year 2000', 'Kiss Kiss Is Getting Old' (Drums), frenchkiss (2007)
  • Holy Fuck "LP"-'Super Inuit', 'Milkshake' (Drums), Young Turks/XL (2007)
  • Enon 'Little Ghost' b/w 'Swab The Deck' 7'. Silver Rocket (2008)
  • Enon 'Ashish' Track on 'Living Bridge' Comp. CD, Rare Book Room (2008)
  • Holy Fuck 'Lovely Allen' b/w 'Super Inuit (studio)' 7', Young Turks/XL (2008)
  • Love As Laughter 'Bonnie & Clyde' (Percussion), Glacial Pace/Epic (2008)
  • Foals/Holy Fuck 'Balloons' b/w 'Super Inuit' split 12', white label (2008)
  • Boredoms "77 Boadrum" (Drums), Book/DVD/CD, Avex (2008)
  • Aperiodic "Air Below Mountains/Louder" 7"(Drums), Generate Records (2009)
  • Off The International Radar "Holy Radar" 12" (Drums), Hand Drawn Dracula (2009)
  • Human Reunion 'Boost' (Drums), Minor Manor Media (2010)
  • Holy Fuck "Latin" LP/CD, Young Turks/XL (2010)
  • Holy Fuck 'Latin America' b/w 'Foxy' 7", Young Turks/XL (2010)
  • Holy Fuck 'Red Lights' b/w 'Dr. Dr.E' 7", Young Turks/XL (2010)
  • Boredoms "77 Boadrum" (Drums), DVD Documentary, Thrill Jockey (2010)
  • Holy Fuck "Hole In Your Parachute(Shugo Tokumaru" DL (drums), Hand Drawn Dracula (2011)
  • Devin 'You're Mine' b/w 'Thing On My Mind' 7" (drums), frenchkiss (2012)
  • Devin 'Romancing' LP/CD (drums), frenchkiss (2012
  • Holy Fuck "Latin America" (drums), StuBru Vinyl Record Store Day EP (2012)
  • Aperiodic 'Future Feedback' LP/CD, Phratry Records (2012)
  • Aperiodic 'Cassette 2' MC, Factotum Tapes (2013)
  • Aperiodic "Something That Satisfies Me"/"Scene Crush (Graham Walsh mix) [DL only]" Dbl 7" w/Joe 4, Mala En Se, and Knife the Symphony, Phratry Records (2013)
  • Holy Fuck "Chimes Broken" b/w "Sabbatics" 7" (drums), Mistletone Records (2014)
  • Holy Fuck "Cassette No1" (drums), no label (2014)
  • The New Lines "schismogenesis" DL/MC (drums), no label (2015)
  • Lake Ruth "The Inconsolable Jean Claude" b/w "The Prisoner's Dilemma" 7" (drums), The Great Pop Supplement / Deep Distance (2016)
  • Holy Fuck "Congrats" LP/CD/MC, Innovative Leisure (2016)
  • Savak "Best of Luck in Future Endeavors" LP/CD, Comedy Minus One (2016)
  • Lake Ruth "Actual Entity" LP (drums), The Great Pop Supplement / Deep Distance (2016)
  • Future Generations "s/t" CD/DL (drums), frenchkiss (2016)
  • The New Lines "Love and Cannibalism" LP (drums) , Feral Child (2016)
  • Lake Ruth 'Empty Morning' (drums), VA - Colors Compilations - Violet "Dreampop" DL, The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records (2017)
  • Compilations

    with Enon

  • 2001 track "New York's Alright (If You Like Saxophones)" on This Is Next Year: A Brooklyn-Based Compilation
  • 2002 track "White Rabbit" on Don't Know When I'll Be Home Again (A Compilation Benefiting American Veterans Of The Vietnam War)
  • 2003 track "Sex Beat" on On The High Wire (U.S. Pop Life Vol. 15 Power - Energy)
  • 2004 track "Shave" on The 2004 Believer Music Issue Compilation
  • 2005 track "Marbles Explode" on Friction Records Free Sampler CD
  • Matt has also performed on remixes of tracks by Röyksopp, Radiohead, Bloc Party, and others.
  • Videography

    1. "Window Display", Enon, (2002, directed by Brian Quain, not an official video)
    2. "Carbonation", Enon,(July 2002, directed by Paul Cordes Wilm)
    3. "Pleasure and Privilege", Enon, (October 2002, directed by Clark Vogeler)
    4. "In This City", Enon, (February 2003, directed by Josh Graham, Juan Monasterio, and Arya Senboutaraj)
    5. "Murder Sounds", Enon, (2004, directed by Paul Cordes Wilm)
    6. "Daughter in the House of Fools", Enon, (2004, directed by Rainbows & Vampires)
    7. "Don't Go (Girls and Boys)", Fefe Dobson, (2004, directed by Rainbows & Vampires)
    8. "Arm in Arm", The Boggs, (2006, directed by Jason Friedman)
    9. "Paperweights", Enon, (2007, directed by Paul Cordes Wilm)
    10. "Mr. Ratatatatat", Enon, (2007, directed by Yoonha Park)
    11. "Latin America", Holy Fuck, (2010, directed by Yoonha Park)
    12. "Red Lights", Holy Fuck, (2010, directed by Brian Borcherdt)

    Television Performances

    In March 2005, Matt was featured w/Enon on MTV's The Real World Austin. In March 2013 Matt performed with Pinback on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon". In April 2013 he joined Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, and Taran Killan as part of faux punk group Ian Rubbish and the Bizzaros for a Saturday Night Live sketch entitled "The History of Punk". Matt has also been a substitute for Fred Armisen with The 8G Band on Late Night with Seth Meyers, having participated in over 50 broadcasts in 2015.


    Schulz was first sampled on Enon's first LP "Believo!" on the title track. His drums are also featured (along with the other members of Enon) on the Azealia Banks track "Gimme a Chance" from her 2014 LP Broke With Expensive Taste.


    Matt counts C&C Custom Drums, Istanbul Agop Cymbals, Tama Drums Hardware, Los Cabos Drumsticks, Snareweight, and Protection Racket cases among his current endorsers.


    Lovely AllenLP · 2007
    They're Going to Take My ThumbsHoly Fuck EP · 2007
    Arm in ArmForts · 2007


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