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Matt Freeman

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Birth name
Roger Matthew Freeman

Matt Freeman

Also known as
Matt McCall


California, U.S.

Music groups
Rancid (Since 1991)


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April 23, 1966 (age 58) (

Punk rock, ska punk, street punk, hardcore punk, psychobilly

Bass, upright bass, guitar, vocals, mandolin, trumpet, trombone

...And Out Come the Wolves, Energy, Rancid

Go, Live Freaky! Die Freaky!, Murdercom, 924 Gilman Street, Rancid: The Music Videos: 1

Tim Armstrong, Brett Gurewitz, Branden Steineckert

Rancid s matt freeman shows us his new signature model fender

Matthew "McCall" Freeman (born Roger Matthew Freeman on April 23, 1966) is an American musician, singer and songwriter. He is best known for his bass guitar work with the punk rock bands Operation Ivy, Rancid and as the frontman of Devil's Brigade.


Matt Freeman Rancid on Twitter quotHappy birthday Matt Freeman httpt

Squier matt freeman rancid precision bass demo at gak

Playing style

Matt Freeman Rancid Bassist Matt Freeman Talks Devil39s Brigade Project

In an interview streamed from the Rancid website before the release of Rancid (2000), he revealed that his style was heavily influenced at an early age by John Entwistle, bassist for The Who. He typically uses a hard pick but sometimes will fingerpick.

Matt Freeman 30 amazing unsung bassists in no particular order Matt

Freeman's playing style is considered atypical in the punk rock world due to his frequent use of scales and arpeggios as opposed to "motoring" through a chord progression's root notes as is typical of punk bass playing. Freeman's solos in the songs "Maxwell Murder", "White Knuckle Ride", and "Axiom" are among his most lauded.

Singing style

Matt Freeman Rancid39s Matt Freeman Shows us his New Signature Model

Although Armstrong and Frederiksen are the principal singers in Rancid, Freeman has taken the lead vocal duties in a number of gritty sounding songs through the years, including the songs "Black and Blue", "Rigged on a Fix", "Black Derby Jacket", "Tenderloin" and, "L.A. River". He is known for possessing a deep and raspy singing voice. Freeman was also the co-lead vocal for the first Rancid album, before Frederiksen joined the band.


Matt Freeman Rancid Black amp Blue Matt Freeman Vocals 11 LiveHouse

Freeman plays Fender Precision and Jazz basses. His 1977 Fender Precision was used as the basis for the 2011 Squier Matt Freeman Signature Bass.

Operation Ivy and Downfall

In May 1987, Freeman and Armstrong formed the band Operation Ivy. After Operation Ivy broke up in May 1989, they formed a new band, Downfall, which included all but one member of Operation Ivy and two additional members. Downfall recorded a 10-song album which has never been released, then broke up. Freeman and Armstrong next formed Generator, who played a number of shows, but are not known to have recorded anything. After that, Freeman played with the political punk band MDC for about a year.

Dance Hall Crashers

After Operation Ivy, Freeman and Armstrong formed the ska band the Dance Hall Crashers, however they left the band shortly after its formation. The band went on to become moderately successful throughout the 90s.


He joined MDC in 1990, completing one US and one European tour and playing bass on their 1991 release Millions Of Dead Cops II: Hey Cop! If I Had A Face Like Yours.... The lineup for this version of the band consisted of Freeman, original singer Dave Dictor, original drummer Al Schvitz and guitarist Bill Collins, formerly of Fang, Special Forces and Intensified Chaos.

Gr'ups and Rancid

He joined The Gr'ups in 1991. In 1992, Freeman and Armstrong recruited drummer Brett Reed and formed Rancid. Rancid is his most successful band yet. He considered Rancid a side project until Armstrong had proved to him that he had his alcoholism under control. Guitarist Lars Frederiksen joined the band later in 1993. Their partnership has continued with Freeman contributing basslines to selected tracks by the Transplants, one of Armstrong's side projects.

Social Distortion

During Rancid's 2004 hiatus, Freeman replaced bassist John Maurer in Social Distortion shortly before the release of their then-new album Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll. Freeman did not intend to stay in the band permanently and he was replaced by current bassist Brent Harding in late 2004.

Health issues

Following his departure from Social Distortion, Freeman was diagnosed with lung cancer in May 2005, but was dismissed as abnormal tissue growth and not terminal to his health in June 2005. He had been a smoker for 20 years but had quit, seemingly by coincidence, shortly prior to this. He learned to play the mandolin so he would have something to do with his hands as heard on the Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards album, Viking.

Operation Ivy

  • Hectic EP (1988)
  • Energy (1989)
  • Downfall

  • They Don't Get Paid, They Don't Get Laid, but Boy Do They Work Hard! compilation album (1989)
  • Very Small World compilation album (1991)
  • Can of Pork compilation album (1992)
  • Later That Same Year - "My City"
  • MDC

  • Millions of Dead Cops II (1991)
  • Rancid

  • Rancid (1992)
  • Rancid (1993)
  • Radio Radio Radio (1993)
  • Let's Go (1994)
  • ...And Out Come the Wolves (1995)
  • Life Won't Wait (1998)
  • Rancid (2000)
  • BYO Split Series Volume III (2002)
  • Indestructible (2003)
  • B Sides and C Sides (2008)
  • Let the Dominoes Fall (2009)
  • Honor Is All We Know (2014)
  • Trouble Maker (2017)
  • The Gr'ups

  • The Gr'ups (1992)
  • Vinyl Retentive compilation album (1993)
  • Auntie Christ

  • Life Could Be a Dream (1997)
  • Devils Brigade

  • "Stalingrad" / "Psychos All Around Me" 12" single (2003)
  • "Vampire Girl" 12" ep (2005)
  • Devils Brigade (2010)
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