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Maths Mansion

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1 not the great big hen multiplying integers by 10 100 m4v

Maths Mansion is a British educational TV series for school years 4 to 6 (9 to 11yr olds). It follows the adventures of "Bad Man" taking kids to his mansion, Maths Mansion. There, the kids learn and are tested on maths. They do not always pass the test, and this is shown in various episodes, one of them being Angleman!. Interrupting the program, is another program, about "Sad Man", who seems to be quite happy. He demonstrates math in songs, puppets, and games. Sad Man has a puppet called "Decimole", as for him being a mole. Decimole is known for attacking people. But, in the final episode, Bad Man digs up Decimole, and Decimole kills Bad Man.


Maths Mansion 35Angleman YouTube

Maths mansion show 31 all the way round


  • Bad Man
  • Sad Man
  • Decimole
  • Miss Sniff
  • Angleman
  • Mr. Girhalf
  • Third Bird
  • Twelfth Elf
  • Not the Great Big Hen
  • Snorter

  • Maths Mansion 39 On Reflection YouTube
    Maths Mansion 1 Not the Great Big Hen multiplying integers by 10 100m4v YouTube
    Maths Mansion wwwukgameshowscompimages33fMathsmansionlo

    Maths Mansion Maths Mansion quotDo the Same to the Bottom as the Topquot YouTube


    Maths Mansion Wikipedia

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