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Matheson (surname)

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Matheson is a surname derived from the patronymic form of a short form of the English Matthew. This English personal name is ultimately derived from the Hebrew Mattathia, which means "gift of God". An early record form of the surname Matheson is Mathyson, recorded in 1392; this recorded name literally means "son of Mathi"—Mathi being a pet form of Matthew. Two different Scottish Gaelic surnames have been Anglicised Matheson. One such surname is Mac Mhathghamhuin (Clan Matheson), which became Anglicised Matheson on account of its similar sound. This Gaelic surname is of an entirely different etymology than Matheson, as the Gaelic mathghamhuin means "bear". Another Gaelic surname Anglicised Matheson is Mac Matha. This Gaelic surname is derived from the patronymic form of a Gaelic form of Matthew (for example, the modern Scottish Gaelic Mata and Matha are cognates of the English Matthew).

People with the surname

  • Alexander Matheson (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Arthur Matheson, Canadian politician
  • Bob Matheson, National Football League player
  • Charlie Matheson, fictional character in Revolution
  • Dan Matheson, Canadian television sportscaster, host & news reader
  • Danny Matheson, fictional character in Revolution
  • Diana Matheson, Canadian football (soccer) midfielder
  • Donald Macleod Matheson CBE (1896-1979), Secretary of the National Trust, Traditionalist author
  • Ewing Matheson (1840-1917), British civil engineer and consulting engineer
  • George Matheson, (1842-1906) Scottish theologian
  • Guy Matheson, (1952- ) Australian politician
  • Hans Matheson, Scottish actor
  • Hugh Matheson, British oarsman
  • Hugh Mackay Mateson, (1821-1898), Scottish industrialist
  • James Matheson, Scottish businessman
  • Jim Matheson, American politician, son of Scott M. Matheson
  • John Matheson, Canadian politician
  • Karen Matheson, Scottish folk musician
  • Louis Matheson, British-Australian academic
  • Mal Matheson, New Zealand cricketer
  • Michael Matheson (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Rachel Matheson (disambiguation), fictional characters
  • Richard Matheson, American writer
  • Richard Christian Matheson, American writer, son of Richard Matheson
  • Robert J. Matheson (1907-1956), American politician and businessman
  • Robert Matheson (architect)
  • Robert Matheson (entomologist)
  • Robert (Bob) Matheson, National Football League player
  • Roderick N. Matheson, American Civil War figure
  • Scott Milne Matheson, Sr. (1897–1958), US Attorney for Utah 1949-1953
  • Scott M. Matheson (Utah governor) (1929–1990) son of the above, governor of Utah 1977-1985
  • Scott Matheson, Jr. (born 1953) son of the above, US Attorney for Utah from 1993–1997, currently a judge on the 10th United States Circuit Court
  • Shirlee Matheson, Canadian children's writer
  • Tim Matheson, American actor
  • William John Matheson, American industrialist
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