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Massive Luxury Overdose

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Released  26 August 1991
Release date  26 August 1991
Genres  Pop music, Dance music
Artist  Army of Lovers
Label  Universal Music LLC
Massive Luxury Overdose httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumba
Producer  Alexander Bard, Anders Wollbeck, Per Adebratt
Massive Luxury Overdose (1991)  The Gods of Earth and Heaven (1993)
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Massive Luxury Overdose is the second studio album by the Swedish pop group Army of Lovers. The album was released in 1991 and contains some of the band's biggest hits, including "Obsession" and "Crucified", which was a #1 hit in 29 countries. The album also includes "Ride the Bullet," which was previously featured on their first album Disco Extravaganza in 1990. "Ride the Bullet" peaked at #6 in Finland while "Obsession" reached #5.


When La Camilla left the band in 1991, she was replaced by Michaela Dornonville de la Cour. For the US release in 1992, the band recorded four new songs and released the album under the same name but with a new cover, introducing Michaela as such. The US edition does not contain the tracks "Supernatural" or "My Army of Lovers".

Army of Lovers made their first tour in March 1992 and at that time the album had already sold over 500,000 copies. The tour began in Sweden, at High Chaparral in Kulltorp, and after several Swedish cities the tour continued throughout Europe.

In Sweden, Massive Luxury Overdose sold about 70,000 copies, and worldwide the album sold at least 2 million copies.

Army of lovers dynasty of planet chromada


  • First Edition
    1. "We Stand United" (3.44)
    2. "Crucified" (3.32)
    3. "Candyman Messiah" (3.24) (this is 16 seconds longer than in subsequent editions)
    4. "Obsession" (3.39)
    5. "I Cross the Rubicon" (4.01)
    6. "Supernatural" (The 1991 Remix) (3.54)
    7. "Ride the Bullet" (The 1991 Remix) (3.42)
    8. "Say Goodbye to Babylon" (4.26)
    9. "Flying High" (3.39)
    10. "Walking with a Zombie" (4.09)
    11. "My Army of Lovers" (3.27)
  • Second Edition
    1. "Dynasty of Planet Chromada" (3.54) (new track)
    2. "Crucified" (3.32)
    3. "Candyman Messiah" (3.08) (single remix)
    4. "Obsession" (3.39)
    5. "We Stand United" (3.44)
    6. "Say Goodbye to Babylon" (4.26)
    7. "Ride the Bullet" (3.27) (1992 remix)
    8. "The Particle Song" (3.26) (new track)
    9. "Someone Somewhere" (3.18) (new track)
    10. "I Cross the Rubicon" (4.01)
    11. "Flying High" (3.39)
    12. "Walking with a Zombie" (4.09)
    13. "Judgement Day" (3.58) (new track)


    1Dynasty of Planet Chromada3:58
    3Candyman Messiah3:10


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